“Worst national team ever? Will this be the best national team for the next 10 years?”

China, led by coach Aleksandr Jankovic, is in Group A of this tournament.

 The group includes Tajikistan and Lebanon along with the host nation, Qatar. 

China drew 0-0 with Tajikistan in the first game on the 13th, and then failed to secure a 0-0 win against Lebanon on the 17th.

Now, China will play its final match against Qatar on the 23rd to test its chances of advancing to the round of 16. 

China is currently ranked second in the group (2 points), following Qatar (6 points), which leads the group with two wins. 

In this tournament, 12 of the round of 16 spots will be decided by the top two teams from each group, and the top four teams out of three will advance to the round of 16. 지울프-토토

However, if China loses to Qatar, it may actually be difficult to advance to the round of 16.

 Peng Fai Newspaper said, “Jankovic and his team broke the downward curve to the extent that in the history of the Asian Cup,

there has never been a goalless score for 180 minutes in the first and second group matches.”

“There were many fans on social media who evaluated it as ‘the worst of all time,’” he said, pessimistic about China’s advancement to the round of 16.

Regarding missing several opportunities to score, he said, “It would be acceptable if China played against top Asian powers such as Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Australia.

However, the problem is that Tajikistan and Lebanon’s world rankings are 106th and 107th, respectively, which is lower than China’s 79th.” “It is much lower,” he said bitterly.

He also criticized coach Jankovic’s tactics. Director Jankovic took office as an official coach in 2023 after serving as acting director two years ago. However, in 14 official matches, they recorded 4 wins, 4 draws, and 6 losses. The last 5 games are not good with 2 draws and 3 losses.

Sina Sports said on social media (SNS) that Zhaoyu News Agency said, “

It was wrong for the Chinese Football Association to appoint Jankovic as the national team coach,” and added, “

If the person who made that wrong choice in the first place was not dragged out in the storm, he should be reprimanded now.” claimed.

He pointed out that the aging of the players is also serious due to the lack of proper generational change. 

Feng Fai Newspaper pointed out, “China has the second highest average age among the 24 teams participating in this tournament, at 29.7 years.

Thailand is third, but its average age is 26.8 years, making it almost three years younger.”

The media said, “There is a reason why soccer fans are disappointed because they do not give promising players enough opportunities and do not achieve the results they want,” and sighed, “

I wonder if the words ‘worst soccer ever’ appeared on social media.” He added, “

Just four years ago, China defeated Kyrgyzstan 2-1, the Philippines 3-0, and Thailand 2-1.”

Chen Hua, a reporter for China’s ‘Zhibo.com’, said on his SNS, “Honestly,

I don’t understand the criticism that some people are saying that the national team is the worst of all time just because it recorded two draws against top 100 opponents.” “

The national team will be the best national team,” he pointed out.

In fact, China continues to lose day after day in youth soccer. Chen Hua sighed, “

It will get worse in the future. If you don’t understand, just look at the Chinese youth soccer team.

Remember how youth soccer is performing in Asia.”

Chen Hua said, “Chinese soccer has too many problems. It is full of problems, from debt to corruption.

If you look at the disbanding of clubs, they were all problems due to internal corruption. We have already had to pay a big price,

but we will have to pay an even bigger price in the future.” “It will,” he emphasized.

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