The Luckiest Roulette Winners of all time in History

One of the most thrilling casino games is roulette. Both physical casinos and internet live casino platforms feature it as a top draw. The game has a long history that dates back hundreds of years, which helps explain why it holds a key place in the casino industry. It is a popular attraction at online casinos like LeoVegas Live Casino, where players can boost their chances of winning by using a variety of betting options.

Regardless of your level of experience with roulette, it’s always a good idea to learn everything you can about this thrilling casino game. In the casino gaming sector, the house always prevails. This is especially evident when thinking about a game like roulette when winning large is purely a matter of luck. No matter how hot your winning streak is, if you don’t take caution, you could lose all you’ve gained, including your original bet. Joining our live roulette casino tables at will provide you the chance to play for thousands of dollars in real money.

Biggest Roulette Winner

⭐ Charles Wells
Unlike other winners on this list, Wells was a criminal, known for being a smart conman.

A name that will live on in the annals of gambling history is Charles Wells. When he won an incredible $500,000 ($13 million now) in a single day at the Monte Carlo casino in 1891, this Englishman rocked the gaming industry. Wells successfully doubled losses from earlier bets while playing roulette using the high-risk martingale strategy.

He became immediately well-known as a result of his remarkable run and was given the moniker “the man who broke the bank.” Wells may have been fortunate that night, but only 8 years later did he find himself behind bars. Wells, like many high roller gamblers, went bankrupt before passing away in poverty in 1922.

Although this story ends suddenly and in a less exciting way, However, his legend lives on, and he remains one of the most famous gamblers of all time.

⭐ Pedro Grendene Bartelle
Pedro Grendene Bartelle won $3.5 million in January 2017 while playing French roulette at the Hotel Conrad in Punta del Este, Uruguay. The third-largest footwear manufacturer in Latin America is owned by Bartelle. Given that his uncle controls a far larger company in the same sector, this trait appears to run in the family. Nevertheless, the fortunate winner didn’t truly require the funds, and his riches accounts for how he could pay a $35,000 straight bet. The businessman’s lucky number, 32, earned him a spot on our list of the largest roulette wins.

The main lesson to be learned from Pedro’s victory while playing roulette at a live casino in Canada is that French Roulette is one of the finest games to play for Return to Player %. (RTP). The house edge is pushed down to 1.35% by an insurance bet. When playing at LeoVegas live casino, it is important to keep this advice in mind.

⭐ Sir Philip Green
Few would have predicted that fashion mogul Sir Philip Green, who is widely known for amassing chips in London’s premier casinos, would lead the list of highest winners at roulette.

One December, Green visited a casino in Mayfair, and it turned out to be one of his luckiest sessions. After a few hours, Green had amassed an astounding £2 million, which was enough to cause the casino to issue a profit warning. The billionaire was described as remarking, “I had a terrific night at the tables,” as he left the roulette table holding a sizable compensation check.

While Green may have been celebrating his big win, the casino wasn’t so happy about it. In fact, Green’s big win hit the casino so hard that they issued a warning to all their customers that they would no longer be able to offer such high table limits. But wait, if you thought this roulette win was crazy, you are in for a surprise with the next one!

⭐ Chris Boyd
Chris Boyd was a regular guy who had won one of the largest roulette payouts in history. He had a similar story to the person below in that he also made the decision to go all out in Las Vegas, but it wasn’t exactly like that.

Boyd bet $220,000 that he had been able to save over a three-year period. The majority of casinos turned down such a big single bet payment, but Binion’s Horseshoe Club did. They would only accept bets up to $100,000 in normal circumstances, but this was no ordinary day. After all, who wouldn’t be suspicious if the typical individual entered a casino with the intention of losing that much cash in a single evening?

At the time of this roulette spin, Boyd had placed all $220,000 on red. Much to his surprise, the result of that spin was 7 red, meaning he had just doubled his bet! After such a successful 90s night out in Las Vegas, Boyd cashed out and went home with a whopping $440,000.

⭐ Ashley Revell
One of the luckiest and possibly most outspoken roulette winners ever is Ashley Revell. He sold everything he owned in 2004, including his car and clothes, and used the proceeds to book a flight to Las Vegas. When he arrived, he entered the Plaza Hotel & Casino and bet the entire amount (£76,840) on red at the roulette wheel. That’s absurd so far, but he actually accomplished it!

Against all odds, Ashley won an estimated £153,680 when the ball landed on red. He then bought a new car and a trip home with the money he had won. Ashley became one of the most well-known roulette winners in history as a result of his risky bet.

⭐ Mike Ashley
He is not just your average guy. He is a billionaire entrepreneur who owns many business ventures, among which is the football club Newcastle United. In 2008, he decided that his billions are not enough for him, so he attempted to make some more money by playing on roulette.

He visited a Mayfair private casino and staked a total of £480,000 on each and every inside wager that had the number 17. A “full bet” is a type of wager that includes all splits, corners, streets, and six-line wagers that contain 17. also a straight wager on the number 17 itself. According to reports, he reportedly also wagered on the first half, middle dozen, middle column, black, and odd. He appeared to be acting with a great deal of knowledge.

Mike Ashley managed to win a total of £1,300,000. The net profit from all that was £820,000. This may not be a lot of money for a guy like him, but the epic part is that the ball landed right where he wanted it to. And, now that I think about it, the amount is quite large.

⭐ Sir Sean Connery
Although he is now 007 to you, in 1963 he was better known by a different number. Connery compared himself to the number 17 in the same way as Mike Ashley did. The James Bond actor placed a total of five wagers on this arbitrary number while seated at the roulette wheel in the Casino de la Vallée in Italy.

His third, fourth, and fifth spins all hit 17, while his initial two bets were losers. It was an incredible run of luck for the Hollywood celebrity, with cumulative odds of 50,000/1. Even the cool-headed Connery must have smiled after that one, in our opinion.

The biggest roulette winners and the greatest roulette wins in history, in our opinion, were those. As you can see, anyone may win at roulette, from those who bet their life savings to successful billionaires. The majority of them weren’t made at some of the £5 minimum deposit casino sites.

Remember that none of them (with the exception of Joseph, who was taking advantage of a biased wheel) employed any special tactics; they were all simply lucky. But keep in mind that playing big stakes roulette online is the easiest route to such a sizable roulette victory.

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