Lee Kang-in trained with Neymar, now meets Mbappe

Lee Kang-in (left) and Neymar (PSG social media capture)

Since joining Paris Saint-Germain in the French Ligue 1, Lee Kang-in, 22, has had a string of encounters with superstars who are now his teammates. Having previously trained with Neymar with a big smile on his face, he will now be joined by Kylian Mbappe, who joined the team late in the season.

French outlet RMC Sport reported on Sunday (July 17), “Mbappe returns to PSG after a long vacation. Mbappe will begin full pre-season training on the 17th.”

Mbappe’s return to training is of great interest to PSG and the French public. Mbappe’s arrival is a big deal for PSG and the French club, as he has been linked to other big clubs, including Real Madrid (Spain).

In a recent interview with France Football magazine, Mbappe said, “Playing for PSG doesn’t help me. It doesn’t help me to play for PSG, because PSG is already a divided team,” he said in a recent interview with France Football magazine, where he openly criticized the club.

PSG then gave Mbappe an ultimatum: if he didn’t agree to a contract extension by the end of the month, they could sell him in the summer.

Mbappe, who has one year left on his contract, has two options: find a new team this month, as PSG insists he will not be let go without a transfer fee, or re-sign and stay with the club.

So even if Mbappe joins the team in training, it’s unclear if he’ll be with the team for the start of the new season.

For Lee, however, it was a valuable experience to train with Neymar and Mbappe on the same team.

Earlier, in a training video released by PSG, 스포츠토토 Lee joked with Neymar and hugged him, showing how well he fit in among the world’s biggest stars.

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