Saudi victory? The aftermath of the PGA-LIV merger that has spread to U.S. politics

Saudi victory? The aftermath of the PGA-LIV merger that has spread to U.S. politics

The aftermath of the sudden merger between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf, which were at odds in professional golf, is quite strong.

Players who have claimed to be PGA Tour guards cannot hide their embarrassment.

The U.S. Men’s Professional Golf and PGA Tour have thoroughly rejected LIV Golf, which was created last year with the support of the Saudi Arabian sovereign wealth fund and PIF.

However, when the PGA Tour announced its merger with LIV Golf, it became a partner from the enemy overnight with the powerful capital, PIF.

Critics of the players who left for LIV due to the sudden change of route of the PGA, and the players who had defended the PGA could not hide their embarrassment.

In particular, “Top Ranker” Rory McIlroy, who was a representative player of the PGA team along with “Golf Emperor” Tiger Woods, poured criticism on the merger.

<Lori McIlroy / PGA Player> “I still hate LIV.” “The only way to welcome back the players who left for LIV is to sacrifice the players who remained in the PGA.”

PGA Commissioner Jay Monahan said, “Proper rewards will be given to players who remain on the PGA Tour,” but the players’ anger is not expected to dissipate easily.

The aftermath of the merger is spreading beyond the golf world to the U.S.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump, who hosted a LIV golf tournament at his golf course, congratulated the merger on social media, saying it was a “fancy deal,” while President Joe Biden, who is trying to improve relations with Saudi Arabia, joked and avoided an immediate answer to the merger controversy.

<Joe Biden / President of the United States> “I’m planning to play golf on the PGA Tour.”

The bereaved families of the victims, who have criticized LIV Golf because many of the September 11 terrorists were Saudi, issued a statement saying they were “shocked and offended.”


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