During the Klinsmann-Hwang fight

Lee Kang-in injured both his front and back thighs

PSG “must be treated until the end of the A-match period”
Injured again, this time in the right hamstring last month

Lee Kang-in (Paris Saint-Germain-PSG) has injured his thigh again. Jürgen Klinsmann’s national soccer team and Hangzhou Asian Games coach Huang Sunhong are in a tough spot, 토토 as they’ve been battling for Lee’s services.

Paris Saint-Germain posted the news of Lee’s injury on its official social media accounts on Wednesday (July 23). “Due to a left quadriceps injury, Lee will be out until at least the end of the A-match period,” the club said.

The quadriceps is a large muscle in the front of the thigh. A quadriceps tear usually occurs when the quadriceps muscle contracts under a strong external force, such as during a fall with the knee slightly bent. A strong contraction of the quadriceps can also lead to a patella fracture.

The treatment period will take place during the A-Match, which runs from the 4th to the 12th of next month. The announcement by Paris Saint-Germain means that Lee will not be able to participate in the A squad.

The clash between Klinsmann and Hwang came to a tragic conclusion after the latter was forced to withdraw the former.

Since Klinsmann’s arrival in March, 안전놀이터 Hwang had been requesting concessions from the A team regarding Lee Kang-in. Hwang believed he was in good communication with Klinsmann and was hopeful that he would be able to recall Lee to the Asian Games squad from the A-Match in September.

However, Klinsmann announced that he will call Lee Kang-in for the A-match in September. Desperate for his first win since taking over, Klinsmann officially announced on Sept. 20 that he would send Lee Kang-in to the Asian Games after playing him in the A-match. Hwang was perplexed by this, but did not express it publicly.

In the meantime, Lee injured his thigh. Lee injured his hamstring behind his right thigh shortly after joining Paris Saint-Germain last month. He recovered and played, but this time he injured his left quadriceps.

The unusual situation of Lee Kang-in injuring both his front and back thighs left both Klinsmann and Hwang Sun-hong, who were keen on Lee Kang-in, in a quandary.

It was unclear if Lee would be able to compete in the Asian Games. For Lee, the Asian Games are a golden opportunity to get out of military service. If he wins a gold medal, 스포츠토토 he could be transferred to the athletic staff and continue his professional career in Europe.

It will be interesting to see if Lee can recover from his injury early enough to get back on the field.

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