Its Kane’s ‘Tottenham Sniping’ Causes a Stir

Harry Kane (Bayern Munich), who recently drew criticism for an interview that seemed to criticize Tottenham Hotspur, suffered a comment attack from people presumed to be Tottenham fans.

England drew 1-1 in the 2024 UEFA European Football Championship qualifier Group C 5th round match against Ukraine held at the Wroclaw City Stadium in Wroclaw, Poland on the 10th (Korean time).

England, who allowed the first goal to Oleksandr Zinchenko (Arsenal) in the 26th minute of the first half, balanced the game in the 40th minute when Kyle Walker (Manchester City) scored an equalizer after receiving a long pass from Kane. This goal is right-back Walker’s first international goal in 77 games wearing an England uniform. 고스톱사이트

England, who tied the score, had 67% possession in the second half and put pressure on Ukraine by recording 8 to 1 shots, but was unable to produce a comeback goal and had to be content with taking one point. As a result, England maintained its first place in Group C with 13 points (4 wins, 1 draw), and Ukraine, which was 2nd in Group C with 7 points (2 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss), failed to narrow the point gap with England.

After the game, Kane posted a photo of the game on his social media and was satisfied with the point, saying, “We weren’t the best tonight, but another point toward qualifying for the finals!” He also congratulated his teammate on his first goal in the A match, saying, “Congratulations to Kyle Walker on his first goal for England.”

It was a heartwarming post expressing satisfaction with the result of the game and congratulating a colleague for his performance, but the tone of the comment was completely different. Numerous fans, presumed to be Tottenham fans, left comments criticizing and ridiculing Kane based on the content of his recent interview.

The content of Kane’s interview that made fans angry is as follows. At the pre-press conference he attended ahead of the match against Ukraine on the 9th, Kane confessed that his heart ached as he watched his national team teammates win.

Kane said: “As a competitor, I would be lying if I didn’t say that it breaks my heart to see my mates playing in the Champions League while I sit at home watching them. “Of course I want them to do well. “I won the competition, but part of me wants to have that experience too,” he said.

He continued, “When I see other teammates on the national team who have done this, I don’t know if jealousy is the right word, but it motivates me and pushes me forward to win the trophies they have.”

Kane also revealed that he is enjoying the pressure of the ‘winning mentality’ in Munich. “There is a different pressure than I felt at Tottenham,” he said. “Of course, I wanted to win at Tottenham as well. But just because we didn’t win a few games didn’t mean it was a disaster at Tottenham.”

“In Munich you have to win every game. We won the first two games 4-0 and 3-1, but we’re still not satisfied with the way we played. That’s one of the ways to be one of the best clubs in the world. But we’re in a good position. “I’ve started and I’m enjoying all the different emotions. That’s one of the reasons why I wanted to move.”

Kane, who wanted to win, left Tottenham, where he had been with since 2004, and moved to Munich on August 12. According to reports from German and British local media, the transfer fee is known to be up to 120 million pounds (about 202.9 billion won).

Tottenham fans were saddened by the fact that Kane, a key player and living legend, was leaving, but wished Kane good luck in his future as he had scored many goals for the team and left behind a huge transfer fee.

However, Tottenham fans began to turn their backs on Kane after he showed lack of respect for the club he had been with since 2004 by commenting that Tottenham lacked a ‘winning mentality’.

Also, in a recent interview with the Daily Mail, he said, “There is a big difference between participating in the Champions League as one of the favorites and participating in the competition with the hope of only getting through the group stage,” and once again sniped at Tottenham fans. fueled their anger.

As a result, numerous fans went to Kane’s social media and said, “Tottenham fans are losing respect for you,” “Remember where you started,” “Where is Bayern’s ‘winning mentality’ you spoke of?,” and “This is a disaster.” “Isn’t that right, Harry?”, “Congratulations on the draw after talking about mindset,” he mocked and pointed at Kane.

As soon as Tottenham fans heard Kane’s interview, they immediately showed their anger and refuted Kane’s claims. Kane claimed that he was heartbroken because he did not win the title while at Tottenham, but fans argued that it was Kane who was silent when he was just one step away from winning the title.

Kane has not been able to win a single major trophy at Tottenham, but he has never been without a chance. While playing at Tottenham, Kane reached the finals of the League Cup twice (2014/15, 2020/21 seasons) and the UEFA Champions League finals in the 2018/19 season.

With only one step left to win the championship, Kane appeared as a starter in all three finals, but failed to lead the team to the championship, recording 0 goals and 0 assists. Even in the national team, when he lost in a penalty shootout against Italy in the final of the 2020 European Football Championship, he came on as a starter and played the full 120 minutes, including overtime, but was silent.

As such, although there were not many opportunities during Tottenham’s time, it did not mean that there were no chances to win at all, and the claim that Tottenham lacked a ‘winning mentality’ despite being a world-class striker and failing to score a single attack point in the finals made Tottenham fans angry. It made me angry.

According to the American community ‘Reddit’, one fan said, “Kane, you appeared in the Champions League final, we had several cup semifinals and finals, and a season where we competed for the league title. There were good teams around you, but you had a chance to win the title.” He pointed out, “Even though there were several times, we couldn’t show anything in the finals.”

He added, “Win the league title and cup competitions in Munich, which would have won without you. I wish you luck, but it’s really not nice to criticize the club that made you who you are.”

Other fans also said, “Kane has played in the League Cup final twice. He had the chance to win a trophy with us, but he didn’t show up at key moments. All he has to do is be quiet and polite.” “Kane, you only scored one goal from a penalty kick in eight Champions League games last season. Even Richarlison (two goals in six games) scored more goals than you,” he mocked Kane.

Afterwards, the fans’ anger did not subside, and they went to Kane’s SNS and left comments criticizing and ridiculing him, making Kane pay the price for his careless interview.

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