Japan’s No. 1 libero on watch list for first year ‘can win’…coach confident “she’ll do better than in practice”

“He’s a player with a lot to show.”

Hotel Rivera Cheongdam in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea, hosted the 2023 V-League Men’s Media Day on Nov. 11.

Managers, representatives, foreign players, and 바카라사이트 Asian quota players from seven men’s professional volleyball clubs gathered in one place.

During the media day, the question was asked, “Which foreign players and Asian quota players will make it big?

The managers and representatives of the seven clubs put their heads together and came up with a list of players who will explode in popularity.

Korean Air, KB Insurance, Samsung Fire, and Woori Card chose Ryohei Iga (KEPCO).

Starting this year, the V-League started a new Asian quarter. Ryohei had received interest from multiple clubs since his tryout. Ryohei played for the Panasonic Panthers in Japan until last season, where he led them to a league championship and a runner-up finish.

With his solid fundamentals and reliable reception, Ryohei is expected to bolster Korea’s defense. Shin Young-cheol, head coach of the Woori Card, said, “I think the team has become more stable because we have a good libero who has stayed the same.” He also touted KEPCO as a team that could use the “Ryohei effect” to stop Korean Air from winning its fourth consecutive title.

Ryohei introduced himself with the word “tenacity” and said, “I will be tenacious to become a much better player in the season.” He also threw his hat into the ring for the V-League.

Kwon Young-min of KEPCO smiled at his selection of Asia Quarter resources. “I think they’ve seen their skills in practice. He has a lot to show. I think they will do better.”

Ryohei’s momentum was positive, but they weren’t confident of the top spot. Other clubs had made solid additions to their rosters, including the implementation of the Asian quota system. Add to that the fact that foreign player Taith Lesser Host (real name Taith) was only able to join the team on the last nine days to digest the Dutch national team match.

“He came two days ago and played in a scrimmage,” Kwon said. “The other teams have also improved (through trades and the Asian quota system). They’ve improved in defense and serving,” Kwon said, adding, “There are no easy teams. If we don’t work harder in the beginning, we will sag. I will work harder,” he said.

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