Hwang Sun-hong-ho, ‘Vigilant Until the End’

[Asian Games] Hwang Sun-hong-ho, ‘Vigilant Until the End’, Ready for Uzbekistan Match in Drizzle

In the early part of the training, which was only shown to the media, the national team players warmed up lightly by exchanging short passes, and then continued to prepare for the match against Uzbekistan in earnest.

Compared to the clear summer weather at the beginning of the competition,

Hangzhou has started to feel cooler over the past few days,

it was drizzling during training that day, which lowered the perceived temperature a little.

Hwang Sun-hong

The team’s atmosphere was also much calmer than during the recovery training the previous day,

when the atmosphere was somewhat inspired by the victory in the quarterfinals against China (on the 1st).

Coach Hwang Sun-hong watched the players from afar with a cautious expression,

as if he was deep in thought. 카지노사이트탑

The quarterfinal match against China, which was considered the biggest turning point of this tournament,

was marked by a clean 2-0 victory, but Coach Hwang Sun-hong is not at ease.

“The ‘best enemy’ is within us,” he said, and he is most wary of letting down his guard.

Players also know this well.

Goh Young-jun

National team midfielder Ko Young-jun (Pohang) expressed the team atmosphere

saying, “I enjoyed the day after the quarterfinals,

but I’m talking to my teammates about focusing again, working out, and preparing for the game, and not letting our guard down.”

He said, “The coach especially emphasized that we should not let down our guard,

so the players are fully aware of it.

“It seems like the coach is emphasizing that because he thinks we can win if we prepare well,

the players feel the same way,” said

Goh Young-jun, adding, “As the game goes on, the team atmosphere gets better and we work well together.

“I want to prepare well for the remaining games and bring good results,” he emphasized.

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