North Korea Women’s Soccer Defeats Uzbekistan 8-0

[Asian Games] North Korea Women’s Soccer Defeats Uzbekistan 8-0… Secure the Silver Medal

The North Korean women’s soccer team, which defeated South Korea to advance to the semifinals of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games,

secured a silver medal with a record-breaking victory over Uzbekistan.

The North Korean women’s soccer team, led by coach Ri Yu-il,

advanced to the finals by defeating Uzbekistan 8-0 in the semifinals held at the Shangcheng Sports Center Stadium in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China on the 3rd.

Soccer Team

The final opponent is the winner of the subsequent China-Japan match. 토토사이트

North Korea took the lead 9 minutes after the game started with a goal from Hong Seong-ok (Yalu River)

took the lead 9 minutes later with an additional goal from Kim Gyeong-young (my hometown).

In the extra time of the first half, even An Myeong-seong (Yalnok River) added a goal, and North Korea,

which entered the second half with a 3-0 lead, scored five more goals.

One minute into the second half, Kim Gyeong-young scored again,in the fifth minute of the second half, Lee Hak (4, 25) scored the fifth goal.

Kim Gyeong-young

Kim Gyeong-young, who gained momentum, completed a hat trick in the 18th minute of the second half and added another goal 20 minutes later.

In extra time in the second half, Kim Hye-young (my hometown) scored the team’s 8th goal, ending the victory.

On the 30th of last month, North Korea defeated South Korea, led by coach Colin Bell, 4-1.

In the 41st minute of the first half, when the score was 1-1, Son Hwa-yeon (Hyundai Steel) collided with the goalkeeper during an aerial duel and unexpectedly received a yellow card.

She was eventually sent off due to accumulating warnings.

Afterwards, Korea, which was outnumbered, lost three goals in the second half.

It has been 25 years since Korean women’s soccer failed to reach the semifinals of the Asian Games since the 1998 Bangkok Games, where it finished in 5th place.

The record of losing streak against North Korea at the Asian Games also increased.

We met 6 times and lost all of them.

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