Song Hee-chae “Jangchung Gymnasium as an away team, familiar and unfamiliar at the same time”

When Song Hee-chae (31-OK Financial Group) visited Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul as an ‘away team’, she felt a bit ‘out of place’.

The stadium was familiar, but the situation of fighting against Woori Card in Jangchung was unfamiliar.

However, Song Hee-chae led her team to a 3-0 (25-16 25-18 28-26) set victory over visiting Woori Card in the men’s professional volleyball match at Jangchung Gymnasium on Saturday.

On the day, Song scored 13 points with a high attack success rate of 70.59%. She also withstood Woori Kad’s targeted serves.

Song Hee-chae, who made all five of her attacks, including two from behind, in the first set to set the momentum, scored six points in the decisive third set. 카지노사이트 An open attack at 18-20 in the third set that went right into Lee Sang-hyun’s hands and an open attack to the diagonal at 19-20 were the highlights of her performance.

Song Hee-chae, who played a key role in the victory in Changchung, the first place she visited after the trade, said, “I played a lot of games in Changchung last season as a member of Woori Card, so I was familiar with the environment. However, it was unfamiliar for me to be an away player,” she laughed.

In fact, the team she is most familiar with is OK Financial Group.

She was a founding member of OK Financial Group, which started playing in the V-League in the 2013-2014 season under the name Russia & Cash.

After playing for OK Financial Group from the 2013-2014 season to the 2017-2018 season, Song first became a free agent and signed with the Samsung Fire.

After being traded to the Woori Card in April 2020, she moved back to OK Financial Group in May this year.

The player who was “traded one-for-one” with Song Hee-chae was Song Myung-geun (Woori Card), a longtime friend who played with her at Kyunggi University and OK Financial Group.

After six seasons, Song Hee-chae returned to OK Financial Group, and Woori Card became her ‘enemy’.

“When I was with Woori Card, I got along well with the juniors, and the juniors welcomed me back. I talked to them for quite a long time today,” she said. “I couldn’t help but start the game, and then I just played to see my team win.”

Song Hee-chae had little time to prepare for this season as she was injured before returning to OK Financial Group. She also missed the cup competition.

“I started technical training a month before the V-League started. “Although the preparation period was short, I’m gradually integrating into the team’s tactics as I play,” she said. “Although I’m back after six seasons, it wasn’t difficult to adapt to the team because there are still members of OK Financial Group who played together before.

Since her amateur days, Song Hee-chae has been known as a player who is good at attacking, defending, and blocking.

She is an integral part of Ogino Massage OK Financial Group’s tactics, which emphasize “cost of play” and “rebounding”.

“Coach Ogino emphasizes defense. You have to prepare thoroughly to become a player who fits the tactics,” she said, adding, “I’m enjoying learning new volleyball.” 온라인카지노

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