Its a Son Heung-min’s Pinch Hitter Werner Signed with Tottenham

 The official announcement has been made. Timo Werner wore a Tottenham uniform.

Tottenham officially announced the signing of Werner on the 10th (Korean time). 

We brought Werner on loan. He will stay with Tottenham until this season.

There is an option to permanently sign him at the end of the season,” he said. Werner’s jersey number is 16.

Werner’s thoughts on joining Tottenham were also known.

Werner, wearing a Tottenham uniform, said, “Many things made me fall in love with Tottenham. Manager Anger Postecoglou told me why I should join Tottenham and the tactics. 카지노사이트랭크

I have played against Tottenham at Chelsea and Leipzig.

Tottenham club “I’m happy to be a part of it.

I thought everything about Tottenham was a perfect fit for me,” he said.

He continued, “I talked a lot with Coach Postekoglou.

When I joined Chelsea, I said I wanted to win, and we reached the top of the UEFA Champions League. I also came to Tottenham to win.

In the Premier League, my speed can be used against opponents.

I know how big of a threat he was. I will show these qualities at Tottenham,” he said.

Tottenham’s recruitment of Werner has already been talked about for a few days.

The British media ‘The Sun’ reported on the 7th, “Werner is from Leipzig. will join Tottenham on loan.

This contract also included a full recruitment clause.

The transfer fee will be between £13 million (approximately KRW 21.7 billion) and £17 million (approximately KRW 28.4 billion).

Werner will undergo a medical before the weekend and wear a Tottenham uniform.

Tottenham coach Anger Postecoglou announced, “Werner can be used immediately.”

Another British media outlet, the British BBC, also reported on the same day,

Tottenham signed a loan contract with Werner.” It is only a matter of time before Werner joins Tottenham.

It was Tottenham’s first signing in this winter transfer market.

They chose a striker rather than a center back defender, which is the most urgent position.

In addition, Werner has the stigma of being a failed striker during his past Chelsea days.

Nevertheless, the reason why Werner was brought in was to fill Son Heung-min’s absence. Because everything has to be filled.

British media ‘Football London’ analyzed the reason for Tottenham to recruit Werner and said

Son Heung-min is scheduled to be absent for several weeks due to the Asian Cup.

Attacking resources were already lacking with Ivan Perisic and Manor Solomon missing due to injury.

When Werner played for Chelsea, he played a big role in winning the UEFA Champions League.

His incredible speed will be put to good use by coach Postekoglou,” he said.

His physical ability and versatility made him a great candidate for recruitment.

It may have had an impact,” he said.

Son Heung-min joined the Korean national team to participate in the 2024 Qatar AFC (Asian Football Confederation)

Asian Cup. Tottenham’s remaining task is how to fill Son Heung-min’s void.

If Korea goes to the Asian Cup final, Tottenham will have to play without Son Heung-min until mid-February.

It is difficult to easily fill the void left by Son Heung-min, who is the overwhelming leader in attack points in the team with 12 goals and 5 assists.

Tottenham hurriedly brought in Werner to minimize damage while Son Heung-min was away.

Werner has been on the rise since making his professional debut with Stuttgart in 2013. In particular

his potential exploded when he moved to Leipzig in 2016. From the first year he joined

he attracted attention by scoring 21 goals, and since then, he has succeeded in scoring double digits every season.

During his first four seasons at Leipzig, he showed incredible goal-scoring ability, scoring 95 goals in 159 games.

Through this, we succeeded in expanding overseas in 2020.

Chelsea of ​​the English Premier League invested a high transfer fee of 47.5 million pounds (about 79.5 billion won)

to recruit him. Because he was a striker who conquered the Bundesliga, expectations were high for Werner.

However, Werner left Chelsea after playing only two seasons.

Since his first season, he has only scored six Premier League goals, and was pushed out of the starting lineup in the 2021-22 season. 

At the time, Chelsea brought back Romelu Lukaku for a large amount of money, so Werner could not even compete.

In the end, Werner, who scored 23 goals in 89 games over two seasons

was labeled a failure due to a performance report that did not match the transfer fee. 

Werner, looking for a rebound, chose to return to his former club Leipzig in the summer of 2022. 

Werner’s transfer fee was cut by about half. The record he left behind when he moved to Leipzig was only 17.5 million pounds (about 29.2 billion won). It was a price that reflected Werner’s decline in skill.

Unfortunately, he was unable to achieve a turnaround in his own home.

Last season, he only scored 9 goals in the Bundesliga, and he has not achieved double-digit scores in a single season since 2016 when he was with Stuttgart. In terms of official matches, 16 goals in 40 games seemed respectable, but it was far short of the reputation that Werner showed before leaving for Chelsea.

His form has fallen further recently. Werner has now reached a level where he is not even given a chance to play. During the first half of the season, he only appeared in 8 Bundesliga games, and even as a starter, he only made 2 appearances. He was also a substitute in all four games in the UEFA Champions League. He played just 250 minutes in 14 games in the first half and was limited to two goals. Werner has been completely pushed out of the competition for the starting position by Royce Offenda, Benjamin Sheshko, and Yusuf Poulsen.

Accordingly, there are many fans who are skeptical about Tottenham’s recruitment of Werner. This is because the impact of Chelsea’s slump was so great. Nevertheless, there are still voices of expectation. Werner himself is preparing for a resurrection.

According to Italian journalist Fabrizio Romano, an expert on the European soccer transfer market, it took only two minutes for Werner to agree to go to Tottenham. It is said that he desperately wanted to join Tottenham. Reporter Romano said on his personal YouTube channel, “Werner is very attracted to the possibility of playing under coach Postekoglou,” and added, “I believe it is a perfect system and the perfect football that he can practice.” Po believes that Werner is a big opportunity. “The same goes for Coach Stekoglu,” he said.

Even the interests of Werner and Tottenham matched. First of all, because Werner had experience in the Premier League, he received quite a few team calls. Werner has played only eight games for Leipzig this season. Of these, he was a starter in only two games and played only 204 minutes including all competitions. He desperately needs consistent performance if he is to be selected in the final squad for Euro 2024 to be held in Germany this summer.

If he goes to Tottenham on loan, he can secure playing time. Assuming that the Korean national team advances to the finals, they will need to fill the gap in strikers for approximately one month. Werner is an all-round striker who can play on the wing in addition to the number 9 position. He can alternate at the front line with Richarlison or coexist on the side without Son Heung-min. In the first half of the 2023-24 season, teams in need of a No. 9 striker and improvement in front-line decision-making were drooling over Werner. Aston Villa, Manchester United, etc. put Werner in their shopping cart, but the final decision was made by Tottenham.

Tottenham needed a player to minimize the power gap during Son Heung-min’s absence. Since the contract with Werner is a rental, there is no burden on Tottenham. If he performs poorly, Son Heung-min can be excluded from the starting lineup after his return. If Werner performs, he can extend his contract by activating the permanent signing option this summer.

In England, Tottenham’s expected starting lineup was even released after Werner joined. With Tottenham’s new top three, it is highly likely that Richarlison will be the frontline striker, Son Heung-min will be the right flanker, and Werner will be the left flanker.

Werner is a versatile striker who can play all areas of the offensive line based on his speed and penetration ability. He is also considered a striker who specializes in pressure due to his prolific usage. Expectations for Werner are growing as coach Postekoglou uses relatively free tactics by pushing the line high and not fixing the offensive line. British TBR Football said, “Considering Werner’s speed and activity level without the ball, he appears to be a good fit for coach Postekoglou’s system,” adding, “Werner is looking forward to playing on the German stage after spending two challenging years at Chelsea.” “It would have been relatively easy, but he wants to change the perception that he is a failure in the Premier League. This is the type of player Postekoglou wants to bring in.”

Tottenham are now paying attention to recruiting defenders. They are being linked to Romanian Genoa centre-back Radu Dragusin, who is called the next Nemanja Vidic.

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