Lotte, Thirsty for Victory, Appoints Coach Kim Tae-hyung, a ‘Winner’

Lotte, Thirsty for Victory, Appoints Coach Kim Tae-hyung, a ‘Winner’… 3 Years Total KRW 2.4 Billion

Recruitment of coach Kim Tae-hyung, who led Doosan to the Korean Series for 7 consecutive years…

General manager Seong Min-gyu’s contract is terminated.

The Lotte Giants will entrust the leadership of the first team to former Doosan Bears coach Kim Tae-hyung (56), a ‘winner.’ 온라인카지노

Lotte announced on the 20th, “We have appointed the 21st coach Kim Tae-hyung,” and “he signed a three-year contract worth a total of 2.4 billion won (down payment of 600 million won, annual salary of 600 million won).”

Coach Kim Tae-hyung said, “I am well aware of the weight of the position of coach of the Lotte Giants.

I am grateful to the Lotte fans and club owner Shin Dong-bin for choosing coach Kim Tae-hyung.

I will repay the expectations of the fans who have waited for a long time and achieve results.”

Lotte, which needs to produce results, joined hands with Coach Kim Tae-hyung,

who holds the record of advancing to the Korean Series for seven consecutive seasons,

the longest in Korean professional baseball.

Lotte will hold an inauguration ceremony for Coach Kim Tae-hyung on the 24th, and on the 25th, coach Kim Tae-hyung and the players will meet at Sangdong Stadium.

Coach Kim Tae-hyung, who joined Doosan’s predecessor, the OB Bears,

in 1990 and entered the professional ranks, also started as a coach at Doosan.

After taking coaching classes as a playing coach in 2001,

he briefly moved to coach the SK Wyverns (now SSG Landers) from 2012 to 2014 and briefly left the Bears,

but has led the team as the Doosan coach since the 2015 season.

He won the title as a player in 1995, and reached the top as a playing coach in 2001.

In 2015, he lifted the trophy as head coach.

He also had the honor of becoming the first KBO League player to win as both a player and a coach on the same team.

With coach Kim Tae-hyung taking office, Doosan enjoyed a heyday that will remain in the history of the KBO League.

Doosan, under coach Kim Tae-hyung, advanced to the Korean Series for seven consecutive seasons from 2015 to 2021 and won three championships (2015, 2016, and 2019).

Former coach Kim Tae-hyung set the KBO League record for the most advancement to the Korean Series.

In 2022, Doosan ranked 9th, parted ways with coach Kim Tae-hyung and installed current coach Lee Seung-yeop as head coach.

Coach Kim Tae-hyung spent the 2023 season as a commentator for SBS Sports.

In the baseball world, there was a prediction that “former manager Kim Tae-hyung will not spend a long time as a wild man.”

Each time, Director Taehyung Kim responded with his signature playful voice, “Who knows?”

Manager Kim Tae-hyung returned to the professional baseball coaching tower after a year.

Lotte, a representative and popular team in the KBO League,

had not reached the top for 31 years until this year after winning the Korean Series in 1992.

The last time he appeared on the postseason stage was in 2017.

Although he was leading at the beginning of this season,

he continued to fall and finished the regular season in 7th place.

Former coach Larry Sutton was unable to complete the season due to poor health, and head coach Lee Jong-woon led the remainder of the season as acting coach from the end of August.

Lotte’s fans wanted coach Kim Tae-hyung.

Lotte Group also made the same decision.

Changes are also felt at the front. 토토사이트 백링크

Lotte plans to terminate the contract with general manager Sung Min-gyu and appoint a new general manager.

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