SK coach Jeon Hee-cheol, who defeated DB without a key player, said, “But they’re all professionals”

Set the team mood ahead of the previous game “You can’t say it’s difficult just because someone missed it.”

SK coach Jeon Hee-cheol

“They are all professional players. Because they are all professionals, they can demonstrate their abilities if given the opportunity.”

Professional basketball coach Jeon Hee-cheol of Seoul SK has joked that whenever reporters mention a matchup with Wonju DB, who is leading this season, ‘SK will definitely lose.’

DB (26 wins), which suffered its 7th loss of the season after losing 68-76 to SK at Jamsil Student Gymnasium in Seoul on the 20th, is the only team whose losses have not yet accumulated to double digits.

The average score is also over 90 points.In professional basketball, no team has had an average score exceeding 90 points since the 2004-2005 season.

Ahead of the match against DB, which boasts such overwhelming offensive power, the prevailing opinion was that SK would lose, as analyzed by former coach.

This is because SK’s leading players, including Kim Seon-hyung, Ahn Young-jun, and Heo Il-young, all left due to injury.

The team atmosphere may be depressed due to the injury.

So, coach Jeon gathered the players ahead of this game and made a decision, saying, “If you are a professional player and a professional team, you cannot make excuses that it is difficult because someone is missing.” 메이저-토토사이트

SK players made former coach happy by displaying solid defense that suppressed DB to 68 points.

Due to SK’s defense, which tired the opponent with strong pressure in all areas of the court, including under the goal and on the outskirts, DB’s field goal success rate fell below 40% and also committed 10 errors.

Coach Jeon, who visited the press conference after the game, could not hide his laughter, saying, “It was a victory created by the players.”

Professional basketball SK players

Coach Jeon said, “They say we fight with our teeth. But we are all professional players. Players who make it into the top 5 receive a lot of salary. There is a difference between such players (in ability compared to the rest), but they have mental strength and fighting spirit.” “I said let’s overcome it,” he said.

SK, which is competing with Changwon LG for the fewest points conceded this season, has achieved victory by suppressing the opponent’s scoring even though its offensive power has recently dulled.

Regarding this, Coach Jeon, who said to himself, “We hit with a shield,” mentioned a recent string injury and said, “The shield is all gone. Now, only the handle of the shield remains, so we have to hit with the handle.”

He added, “Still, we have a system in place. The offensive abilities of the starting and non-starting players are different, but the energy and organizational skills shown on defense remain the same.”

Coach Jeon especially praised the players for accurately carrying out his instructions in this game.

Coach Jeon believed that if he counterattacked DB, which is aiming for multiple scores by using quick offense-defense transitions this season, he would inevitably lose.

Therefore, it is said that the guard was instructed to use all 24 seconds of attack time and use Jamil Warney as much as possible to slow down the game as much as possible.

Coach Jeon said, “There is a power gap between DB and us that if we fight 100 times, we will lose 100 times. So I asked them to play the game with a really cool-headed judgment. Today, the players’ concentration was good. Everyone did their role 100%.” He said. 토토사이트 추천

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