Young-Hyun Park and Dong-Hyun Son, No Runs

Young-Hyun Park and Dong-Hyun Son, No Runs… The Key to KT’s Rebound From 2 Losses is ‘Bullpen’

Professional baseball KT Wiz finisher Kim Jae-yoon did not pitch in the first and second games of the playoffs (PO) against the NC Dinos.

As they were pushed back early in the first and second games held in their home Suwon,

there was no opportunity for KT’s closing pitcher to take the mound.

KT Wiz

KT, who suffered 2 losses in the PO of 3 wins out of 5, will exit the fall stage if they lose one more.

In PO games 1 and 2, KT had offensive indicators (KT team batting average of 0.227, 7 runs, NC team batting average of 0.243, 12 runs) and starting pitcher performance (KT 8 innings, 10 hits, 10 runs, 7 earned runs, NC 12⅓ innings, 4 hits, 1 run). was pushed out of 카지노사이트

However, in the bullpen battle, KT was ahead of NC.

Game 1 and 2 starters William Cuevas (6 hits, 7 runs, 4 earned runs in 3 innings) and Wes Benjamin (4 hits, 3 runs in 5 innings) both pitched below expectations, so the KT bullpen was responsible for a total of 10 innings in the 2 games.

Despite quite a bit of pressure, the KT bullpen did well in 10 innings,

allowing 8 hits and 2 runs (average ERA of 1.80).

NC Dinos

NC fought back from Eric Peddy (6 innings, 3 hits, 1 run) followed by Shin Min-hyuk (6 ⅓ innings, 1 hit, no runs),

leaving only 5 ⅔ innings to the bullpen in the 2 games.

Although they maintained victory in both games, the NC bullpen,

somewhat tired after going through the wild card game and semi-playoff,

gave up 11 hits in 5⅔ innings and allowed 6 runs (5 earned, ERA 7.94).

In particular, the fact that closer Lee Yong-chan had 5 hits in 1⅔ innings of two games raises anxiety.

Lee Yong-chan was responsible for only one run,

but he allowed four runners sent out by the preceding pitcher to score.

KT’s ideal scenario for the remainder of the series, which is pushed to the edge,

is to start the bullpen fight while taking the lead.

Park Young-hyun (KT), who ranked first in holds in this year’s regular season with 3 wins, 3 losses, 4 saves, 32 holds, and an ERA of 2.75,

appeared in both games in this PO and pitched well, allowing 1 hit and no runs in 3 innings.

Son Dong-hyun, another pillar of the bullpen, also pitched well in this PO,

allowing 2 hits and no runs in 3 innings in 2 games.

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