Incheon to ‘extend contract’ with Moon Ji-hwan, Chun Sung-hoon and 7 others…’re-signing futures’ ahead of opening day

Incheon United has re-signed seven players.

Incheon United announced on Saturday through the club’s channels that they have re-signed Kim Min-seok (21), Kim Sung-min (23), Kim Yeon-soo (30), Moon Ji-hwan (29), Min Kyung-hyun (22), Chun Sung-hoon (23), and Hong Si-hoo (23). Kim Min-seok, Kim Sung-min, Moon Ji-hwan, Min Kyung-hyun, and Hong Si-hoo signed two-year extensions, 카지노사이트 while Kim Yeon-yeon and Cheon Sung-hoon signed one-year extensions.

This is a combination of promising and veteran resources. Kim Min-seok, Kim Sung-min, Min Kyung-hyun, Cheon Sung-hoon, and Hong Si-hoo are the future of Incheon. Especially Kim Min-seok, Kim Sung-min, and Cheon Seong-hoon are from the Incheon Youth program, Daegun High School.

In addition, we were able to keep essential resources like Moon Ji-hwan and Kim Yeon-soo, especially Moon Ji-hwan, whose contract expired this year. His contract expires this year, so it was a very uncertain situation.

In the comments of the re-signing post, Moon wrote, “Hello, this is Moon Ji-hwan. I’m writing this to let you know how I feel. I had many difficult decisions to make until yesterday morning, but on the day of the departure ceremony, I was so grateful to see so many fans come and support me despite the cold weather, and seeing the young fans marking my jersey made my decision and the time I spent thinking about it meaningless. I definitely had a hard time thinking about new challenges and motivation as a player, but the club, the president, the manager, and the player management team definitely recognized my value with their sincere hearts and words.”

“I will start the season with a new motivation, aiming for the moment when I can put another ACL and a star on my emblem with the good seniors and juniors during the contract period. One thing I would like to ask is that I am too small to ask for this, but this season, we will open the season at home, and the players will fight fiercely on the pitch, so I would like to ask the fans to support and fight fiercely off the pitch. We will show improvement as players and people this year,” he added.

Incheon will open their K League 1 campaign on March 2 against Suwon FC at the Incheon Football Stadium. With the excitement of the opening match already being felt, Incheon gave the fans a re-signing gift.

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