Klinsmann refuses to resign with a smile “Jordan played well, now we have to prepare for the World Cup”

South Korea national team coach Jurgen Klinsmann and captain Son Heung-min express regret after losing 0-2 between Jordan and Korea in the semifinals of the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Qatar Asian Cup held at Al Rayyan Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium in Qatar on the 6th (local time).

Korea, which was trying to win the Asian Cup for the first time in 64 years, collapsed after a miserable performance against Jordan, which was considered one step below, and did not even make it to the final stage. It was a shabby ending.

Coach Jürgen Klinsmann, who was criticized before the tournament and whose public opinion deteriorated due to his lack of special tactics throughout the tournament, is expected to see his position decline further. However, when asked about his future, he said, “I have to go back and analyze (the lost game) right now. “We have to prepare for the North and Central America World Cup in the future,” he said, making it clear that he had no intention of stepping down. 안전 토토사이트

The Korean national soccer team, led by Coach Klinsmann, lost 0-2 in the semifinals of the Asian Cup against Jordan held at the Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium in Al Rayyan, Qatar on the 7th (Korean time).

Korea, which attempted to win the championship by forming a squad of players active in the European big leagues such as Son Heung-min, Lee Kang-in, Kim Min-jae, and Hwang Hee-chan, was evaluated as the best team of all time, bowed its head after a miserable performance in which it could not hit even a single effective shot.

After the game, Coach Klinsmann said, “I’m disappointed. “Our goal was to reach the finals, but it’s disappointing.” He continued, “We tried to take the lead from the start, but we fell behind in the first 30 minutes and had a difficult game. “We were dragged out by conceding a goal first, and the chances we had did not turn into goals,” he said.

He continued, “Looking at Jordan’s performance and fighting spirit, they deserved to win. Jordan is a pretty good team. “I congratulate my opponent,” he said.

It was a shock loss. It was the first time in 7 games that Korea lost to Jordan (3 wins, 3 draws, 1 loss). In particular, the performance of 0 effective shots during the first half was miserable.

Coach Klinsmann avoided giving a direct answer to the question, “Will you take responsibility for the results?”

He said, “After the competition, if you haven’t achieved your desired goal, you need to analyze and look back. We wrote a lot of dramas. We played bloody games against Saudi Arabia and Australia. Today you have to accept defeat. “I will systematically analyze it,” he said.

In response to repeated questions from foreign reporters about his intention to resign, Director Klinsmann remained silent, but made it clear that he had no intention of resigning.

“What we have to do right now is go back and analyze,” he said. “We have to prepare for the next game. “There will be a (North, Central and American) World Cup in two and a half years, and it is important how the qualifiers are held,” he said.

Meanwhile, Coach Klinsmann attracted attention as he had a smile on his face, unlike the players who shed tears after the game. This is a part that is difficult to understand in our emotions.

He said, “It is natural to celebrate when the opponent team wins with a good performance,” and “When the opponent plays well, we must accept and acknowledge it. If you tell people not to smile and celebrate, they just have different perspectives. “Congratulating people is also my job as a leader,” he said.

After repeated questions from foreign media about his smiling attitude despite defeat, he finally expressed his displeasure. He said, “Smiling and greeting the opponent’s head coach after the game shows respect and congratulates the opponent. “I was angry (about the loss), but a good attitude is necessary when respecting your opponent,” he protested.

At the same time, Coach Klinsmann did not forget to praise Jordan for defeating Korea. “We have a good chance of winning,” he said. “We’ll have to see if Qatar and Iran make it to the finals, but I think we can win.”

Coach Klinsmann, who did not lose his smile throughout the press conference, also expressed his opinion on equalization in Asia.

He said, “I saw many players going to war and felt the leveling of Asian soccer as a whole,” and “I experienced that East Asian teams such as Korea and Japan were struggling in the Middle East. “I learned a lot,” he said. 온라인카지노

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