Professional Baseball SSG Landers holds Fan Festival

“To a Higher Place in 2024” Professional Baseball SSG Landers holds Fan Festival

Professional baseball SSG Landers held a fan festival and introduced a new brand identity (BI),

pledging to take a leap forward in the 2024 season.

SSG held a fan festival at Convensia in Songdo, Incheon on the 21st.

As a pre-event, major players such as Choi Jeong, Seo Jin-yong, and Noh Kyung-eun held a fan signing event and introduced the new BI and uniforms to fans. 카지노사이트

CEO Min Kyung-sam looked back and said, “2023 (finishing in third place) was a year that brought both joy and disappointment to our fans,” and added,

“We will do our best with one mind to help us reach a higher position in 2024.”

SSG Landers

Todd Radom and Bill Frederick, famous American Major League designers who produced SSG’s new BI,

also visited the event venue and said, “Landers highly evaluated our sports branding expertise and experience and proposed collaboration,” adding, “We consider Landers to be a pioneering pioneer.”

“We defined it as a team with a spirit.

To express this in the new BI, we symbolized forward movement and dynamic energy,” he explained.

The SSG club emphasized that it expressed the club’s fighting spirit and dynamic personality the team’s energy and powerful movements integrity and unity passion, power, strength, and courage through BI.

Kim Jae-hyun

General Manager Kim Jae-hyun, coaching staff, and transfer students,

who are making a new start at SSG in the 2024 season, also greeted the fans.

New general manager Kim Jae-hyeon said, “Landers and Incheon are a team and place that gave me so much love during my career as a player and gave me good memories in the last page of my career.”

He added, “I have new feelings about returning to Incheon.

For Landers’ leap forward, coach Lee Soong-yong “We will work together with the field and front office to create a victorious Landers,” he said.

The new coaching staff, including head coach Song Shin-young and pitching coach Bae Young-soo,

also pledged, “We will win a lot for the fans.

”Lee Ji-young, who recently signed with SSG, introduced herself as “SSG’s new catcher” and promised,

“I will help the team so that SSG can win.”

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