‘Promise of promotion’ Choi Jae-hoon dyes his hair green, Lee Han-do presents jersey, Lee Chang-yong donates, Koh Tae-won ‘Da’

K League 2 players made big promises for their fans.

The opening media day of the Hana Bank K League 2 2024 was held at The Plaza Hotel in Jung-gu, Seoul on the 26th. Managers and representative players from 13 K League 2 clubs attended the event and shared their resolutions for the new season with fans.

Promotion is the goal of every 토토사이트 K League 2 team. To fulfill the fans’ wishes, the players have been working hard through winter training.

Players representing each team made promotion promises to fans at the K League 2 Media Day, much like movie stars making promises to 10 million viewers. They wanted fans to support their teams with their support.

The most popular pledge was to provide meals. Gyeongnam FC Woo Ji-sung, Chungbuk Cheongju FC Lee Hansam, Seongnam FC Jung Seung-yong, Chungnam Asan FC Lee Hak-min, Seoul E-Land Kim Young-ok, Ansan Greeners Kim Young-nam, and Cheonan City FC Lee Woong-hee said they would at least have a meal with their fans and create a place to share joy.

There were also many who said they would gift jerseys to fans. Busan IPark’s Lee Hando, Bucheon FC1995’s Han Ji-ho, and Cheonan’s Lee Woong-hee said they would give their jerseys to fans.

There were also specific pledges. FC Anyang’s Lee Chang-yong said he would save up 1 million won for every clean sheet and donate it to fans. Lee Young-ok offered to have a meal with fans at Ashley Queens, while Ansan’s Kim Young-nam said he would help five of his fans get free car maintenance at his father’s industrial company.

Gimpo FC’s Choi Jae-hoon stood out for his unconventional pledge. He pledged to dye his hair green, the team’s iconic color. He also promised to give away his jersey to fans and provide futsal shoes to futsal clubs in Gimpo. Coach Choi Jung-woon said he would pay for the futsal shoes out of his own pocket.

Go Tae-won of the Jeonnam Dragons went one better. He said he would fulfill all six of the previous pledges: giving away jerseys, dyeing his hair in Jeonnam’s colors, donating futsal shoes, hosting meals, and raising money for fans.

Yang Hyung-mo of Suwon Samsung, who initially made a small pledge to bring joy to fans by winning promotion, also changed his position. When asked again at the end, she said, “I can dye your hair blue and white, and I can even give you underwear. I’ll try to pay for the meal at the coach’s expense,” she said, adding a cheerful finale.

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