It’s been 1,100 days since I collapsed from a heart attack Eriksen returns to Euros in style

‘Human victory’, returning to the field with a cardiac defibrillator Scoring in Euros for the first time in 3 years

Eriksen celebrates scoring a goal against Slovenia

Denmark’s leading midfielder Christian Eriksen (Manchester United), who fell to the ground during the European Football Championship (Euro) three years ago, returned to the Euro stage by scoring a goal in the match. I celebrated.

Eriksen started in the first match of Group C of the Euro 2024 group stage against Slovenia held at the Stuttgart Arena in Germany on the 17th (Korean time) and scored the first goal in the 17th minute of the first half.

When Jonas Wien slipped the ball back exquisitely from the right side of the penalty area, Eriksen rushed to the center, trapping it with his chest, and then calmly fired a right-footed shot.

It was a more special goal than any other for Eriksen, who played over 130 international matches for Denmark and scored 42 goals.

Three years ago, in June 2021, he participated in Euro 2020, and while playing as a starter in the first group match against Finland held in Copenhagen, he suddenly fell to the ground, causing great shock.

After suffering a heart attack, he received emergency treatment, was taken to the hospital, recovered with the support of those around him, and underwent surgery to insert a cardiac defibrillator.

At the time, he had to leave his team, Inter Milan, because he could not play in Serie A while wearing a cardiac defibrillator. He later moved to Brentford, England, and is now wearing a Manchester United uniform.

Eriksen, who returned to the Denmark national team and participated in the 2022 Qatar World Cup, returned healthy to the Euro stage and even scored a meaningful goal in the first game.

He celebrated his goal by running across the ground with his arms wide open and a bright smile on his face.

Eriksen, who did not play much time in the first Euro match three years ago but was selected as the best player as a symbolic gesture of wishing for a speedy recovery, was selected as the best player once again in the Euro match played exactly 1,100 days later. 파워볼사이트

In a local interview after the match, Eriksen said, “Compared to last time, I think my story at this Euro is definitely different. Personally, it’s a very big deal for me,” and added, “I was confident about playing again and I’m happy to be back.”

“I was very happy to score the goal. I remembered that I had never scored a goal at the Euros,” he said. “I am very happy to help the team with my first goal.”

On this day, Denmark gave up an equalizing goal to Slovenia’s Erik Janja in the 32nd minute of the second half to tie the game at 1-1, and Eriksen’s goal gave them one point.

Eriksen said, “I would have been happier and more confident if we had won three points, but the draw ended as a warning sign ahead of the next game,” and promised the second game against England on the 21st.

The Danish national team also congratulated him on his return to Euros and on his score.

“I have never doubted Eriksen as a player. He is a natural player who knows the rhythm of the game and we say he is the key to the game,” said coach Kasper Ullmann. “He is a great player and he showed it today.” .

Danish striker Jussuf Poulsen said, “He’s special. It’s special to be able to play with him again. I’m happy to have him,” and added, “He will be able to make precious memories with us.” 한국야동

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