Former aide Song Young-gil arrested and indicted…”Your face becomes clear”

Former aide Song Young-gil arrested and indicted…”Your face becomes clear”

Prosecutors have handed over a former aide to former leader Song Young-gil, one of the key suspects in the alleged spread of money bags at the Democratic Party’s national convention last year, to trial under arrest.

The prosecution is confident in the investigation, saying that the faces of lawmakers who received the money envelopes are being confirmed.

Park Yong-soo, a key suspect in the Democratic Party’s alleged money bag, a former aide to Song Young-gil, has been put on trial under arrest.

The charges are largely divided into two categories, the management of illegal political funds related to envelope spraying and primary camps.

Park is accused of bringing money to lawmaker Yoon Kwan-seok for the purpose of winning Song’s election, and ordering an outside sponsorship organization and the Meoksa-yeon to pay for Song’s primary camp and destroy related evidence.

However, Mr. Park’s indictment did not include former CEO Song’s conspiracy relationship.

Regarding Park’s indictment, a prosecution official said, “The investigation into former representative Song was carried out first and the truth was confirmed,” adding that the investigation is continuing to investigate whether former representative Song conspired.

The prosecution now plans to focus on investigating Rep. Su-su of Money Envelope.

The prosecution believes that the money delivered by Park was distributed at a meeting of former representative Song’s supporters held before the national convention,

In this regard, it is known that the former representative Song’s schedule was raided last week to secure a list of lawmakers attending.

In a related development, a prosecution official said, “Last week’s search and seizure made the face of the lawmaker clear,” adding, “The degree of proof has increased based on the existing confiscated materials.”

Some predict that the prosecution’s judgment that envelopes were sprayed on a total of 20 lawmakers will soon summon them.

The summons of former representative Song, who is drawing attention, is not expected to take place immediately as the investigation into the party’s presidential election process remains.

Meanwhile, the possibility of re-claiming arrest warrants for Rep. Yoon Kwan-seok and others is also rising in consideration of the suspects’ concerns about “matching lips” in the process of investigating the members of Su-su.


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