‘Sonny’ stabs, ‘Hero’ finishes… Early soccer picks up ‘rare two-shot’

Former EPL scorer in the world’s top professional soccer league Sonny, captain of the South Korea men’s national soccer team As a rumored ‘football buff’ in the music industry. I went to the stadium to celebrate, Singer Lim Young-woong shows mature fan culture with mothers and ‘largest crowd myth’ These two met on the field?! This ‘rare two-shot’ was spotted at the ‘Early football’. On the 15th, a video was released by a soccer YouTube channel, The video went viral even before it was released. Son Heung-min and Lim Young-woong’s tiki-taka pass at the start of the first half Son Heung-min followed up with a long kick aimed at Lim Young-woong, who was quickly penetrating the defense, but it was blocked and the play continued. Then, with a quick dribble breakthrough Sonny once again makes an assist pass to Lim Youngwoong between three defenders. Immediately after, Lim Young-woong scores with a calm left-footed roving shot! After the joint goal, Sonny kneels down and performs his signature ‘click ceremony’. Son Heung-min shows off his confidence by breaking into a sweat “Where do you want me to play? Just tell me, it’s all done, really!” Crowd cheers for his cool shot In the postgame video, Lim Young-woong, who is still reeling from the game with Son Heung-min, said. “It’s the best of my life,” he said without hesitation ‘Goale’ will release the full video of the match on the 16th. 카지노 Meanwhile, Son Heung-min departs for Korea to prepare for the new season after the break.

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