Volunteers who inspire hope

People who have lost their place of life due to the extreme rain of all time. When can I go back to my house. What the victims want is a normal daily life where they just stretch out and sleep comfortably in their own homes. I just wonder how long it will take to get back to normal.

However, even in the distant despair, hope is silently growing little by little. “Everyone has to work together to overcome the difficult times.” Hundreds of volunteer inquiries are being made every day throughout the area affected by torrential rains, adding to the vitality of flood recovery sites. Every corner of the mud-filled house is cherished as if it were my own house, and the shelter is lined with laundry volunteers and food volunteers every day.

And the soldiers who ate without taking off their diving suits were also impressed. Not only soldiers but also firefighters and police are still guarding the scene.

Although the search for the Osong underground road disaster has been completed, we continue to collect the victims’ belongings and comfort the bereaved families who lost their families in the accident.

Donations and help are delivered every day with a message that the victims want to return to their daily lives as soon as possible. “Together, we can overcome it.” The more people want to be together, the faster and greater the hope for a return to daily life is coming.

“Son, be careful of the water,” Sergeant Chae Soo-geun said on the phone with his father, a 27-year veteran firefighter, before being put into the search for missing people in Naeseongcheon Stream. The father left a short greeting to his son, “Be careful of the water,” in response to the continuous rain news. I never dreamed that a two-minute phone call, which was considered a piece of everyday life, would be the last greeting with my son.

As with any parent, the late Private Chae Soo-geun was a son who didn’t hurt even if it was seen in his eyes. He was the only son who was hard-earned through in vitro procedures in his 10th year of marriage, so he was an irreplaceable precious being. And thankfully, he grew up to be a good and sincere son. Before joining the army, I was a kind filial son who bought beef for my mother’s birthday with the money I earned from my part-time job.

Although he was the only son who was so precious to his parents, Corporal Chae Soo-geun always wanted to be a strong son. Since high school, I have said, “I want to go to the Marine Corps like a man,” and I volunteered to join the Marine Corps according to my will. Since moving to the unit in May, I have been actively carrying out missions given more than anyone else. But Sergeant Chae Soo-geun, who left in vain. The mortuary is filled with tears of those who cannot afford to let him go.


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