Mizuno launches Piste collection of soccer heritage signature items

Mizuno introduces Piste 바카라사이트 a soccer heritage item for the modern day sportsman who wants to be both sporty and stylish.

The Mizuno Piste collection reimagines heritage by focusing on the sport that connects us all: soccer. The collection emphasizes comfort and mobility so you can move freely anytime, anywhere. Available in a range of round neck, high neck and half zip up styles, the Piste is perfect for a variety of sports activities both indoors and out. It also comes in a variety of color schemes for a stylish workout look.

PISTE is derived from the word “piste,” which refers to a ski run made of groomed snow. One of Mizuno’s signature products and best-selling items, PISTE is characterized by its stretch and Polartec fabrics, which provide quick drying, superior moisture absorption, and outstanding durability. First launched in 2016 by Mizuno Korea, Fisce is used as a warm-up item for a variety of sports, including running, baseball, and volleyball, as well as soccer.

A representative from Mizuno Korea said, “PISTE is a Mizuno Football Originality product and the first product to be released by Mizuno.” “Mizuno was registered as the trademark holder of ‘PISTE’ in July.”

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