Gold medalist Shin Yoo-bin talks about the delicacy

‘Good at table tennis and smart’ gold medalist Shin Yoo-bin talks about the delicacy of pointing the flag in the right direction

‘Pee-wee’ Shin Yoo-bin (19, Korean Air) caught the eye with her delicacy in correcting the direction of the Korean flag.

World No. 1 pair Shin Yubin and Jeon Jeon-hee defeated North Korea’s Cha Sooyoung and Park Su-kyong 4-1 (11-6 11-7 10-12 12-10 11-3) in the women’s table tennis doubles final at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games at the Gungsu Canal Sports Park Gymnasium in Hangzhou, China, on Tuesday (June 2).

With the victory, Shin Yubin and Jeon Jeon-hee became the first South Korean pair to win gold in table tennis in 21 years, joining Lee Chul-seung and Lee Seung-min in men’s doubles and Seok Eun-mi and Lee Eun-sil in women’s doubles at the 2002 Busan Games.

After the victory was finalized, Shin Yoo-bin burst into tears of joy, and her “big sister” Jeon Jeon-hee couldn’t hold back her tears.

Table tennis legend Seo Hyo-won hugged her juniors for their gold medal victory. Seo Hyo-won was also crying. It was an emotional scene.

Shin Yubin was happy with bronze medals in the team event, mixed doubles, and singles, but she was all smiles after winning gold in the doubles event. “I’ve been imagining it since I was a kid,” she said of the gold medal, adding, “I think any athlete would have that kind of desire.” The dream came true.

At the same time, Shin’s sensitivity became a hot topic. After the emotional victory, Shin Yoo-bin and Jeon Jeon-hee were about to perform a flag ceremony, but Shin Yoo-bin and Jeon Jeon-hee didn’t realize they were being photographed. In order to get a straight shot, she had to hold it backwards.

Shin Yubin immediately realized this and turned the flag to face the right way, and with a big smile on her face and one hand raised in the air, 바카라사이트 the two took a picture that will never be forgotten. Shin Yubin may only be 19 years old, but she’s already proving herself to be a wise woman after giving Korean table tennis a gold medal.

In a post-match interview, Shin said, “If it weren’t for my sister Jeon Jeon-hee, I wouldn’t have been able to win this precious Asian Games medal. I’m glad we did it together,” she said, adding, “There will be many difficulties in the future, but I hope we can overcome them together.”

Jeon Jeon-hee also expressed her sincere gratitude, saying, “I’m grateful to Shin Yubin, and I’m so excited and happy to have won a gold medal.”

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