Jongkyu Kim overtakes Simon to become 9th all-time blocker… 500 blocks possible

Jong-gyu Kim passed David Simon for ninth place on the regular season blocks list.

Kim Jong-kyu recorded 16 points, six rebounds, and two blocks in an 87-71 victory over Suwon KT on Nov. 21, helping the Wonju DB to the title.

Prior to the game, Jong-gyu 온라인카지노 had 439 career blocks in the regular season, one behind Simon’s 440.

He added two more blocks to move up one spot to ninth place with 441 blocks.

Eighth is Jackie Jones with 443 and seventh is Herbert Hill with 446.

Jong-gyu Kim could be as high as seventh as early as the third round.

Kim Jong-kyu is first overall with 1.57 blocks this season. That’s a very high number considering he’s played 21 minutes and 52 seconds. If he played 30 minutes, he would have 2.15.

If he keeps this up and plays all 54 games, he’ll have 503 blocks.

If Jong-gyu reaches 500 blocks, he will become the fourth player in history to win the KBL Memorial Award, behind Kim Joo-sung (1037), Ragan-ah (668), and Charles Lord (601).

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