Ankle Injury Special MF Starting to Return Comeback in January

 James Maddison, Tottenham Hotspur vice-captain and one of Son Heung-min’s best partners, is finally on the verge of returning from injury.

Reporter Paul O’Keefe, who reports internal Tottenham news, reported on SNS on the 21st (Korean time)

James Maddison is scheduled to return from Dubai and join his colleagues at Hotspur Way (Tottenham training ground).”

Tottenham playmaker Maddison suffered an ankle injury during the home game against Chelsea in the 11th round of the 2023/24 Premier League season on the 7th of last month and was replaced. Because his injury was not minor, he was ruled out in 2023.

Maddison, who left Leicester City and joined Tottenham during the transfer window last summer

was appointed vice-captain of the club even though he was a freshman, and added vitality to Tottenham’s attack by scoring 3 goals and 5 assists in 11 games before getting injured.

Thanks to Maddison’s performance, Tottenham captain Son Heung-min also scored many goals from the front line. 

Son Heung-min, who scored 8 goals in 10 games before Maddison’s injury, was unable to get a shooting opportunity when Maddison was out 먹튀검증사이트

and was unable to increase his offensive points for 3 games before scoring a goal in the away game against Manchester City in the 14th round.

Fans hoped that Maddison, who plays an important role in Tottenham’s tactics, would return as soon as possible

but Maddison himself stated that he was not sure if he would be able to return until February next year, leaving fans depressed.

In an interview with Amazon Prime Video, which broadcasts some Premier League games, on the 4th, Maddison said

This is probably the longest injury absence I’ve ever had. I don’t know, but it’s three months. I’ve never suffered an injury like this before.” He said.

Maddison added: “Every day is difficult when you’re injured, but especially at Tottenham. We have really big windows in the training ground. From the physiotherapy room

I have a perfect view of the training ground outside. I can see all my teammates training and getting ready for the game.

He expressed regret over the current situation where he cannot participate in training.

As Madison personally revealed that he would need about three more months of recovery time

there was a possibility that his return from injury would be in March

but fortunately, Madison recovered quickly and set his sights on returning in January of next year.

Regarding the condition of Maddison, who is said to be currently undergoing recovery training in Dubai

Reporter O’Keefe explained, “James Maddison will return from Dubai and join his colleagues at Hotspur Way to continue strengthening his fitness.

He can join from tomorrow.” did.

He continued, “Now is the testing ground. First, we will train in the gym and then on the ground.

If nothing special happens, (the time of return) will likely be in the first half of January,” and announced that his return from injury is imminent.

Not only Madison, but also key defender Mickey van der Pen began individual workouts, accelerating his return.

Reporter O’Keeffe said on the 15th, “Van der Pen has been doing personal training at the training ground with the ball to increase his recovery,” and said that along with Maddison

Van der Pen, who suffered a thigh injury during the Chelsea match, is also getting closer to returning.

Tottenham, which finished 8th in the Premier League last season, has created a sensation after starting the new season with new head coach Anzhi Postekoglou. 

After the opening, Tottenham went undefeated in 10 games (8 wins, 2 draws) and rose to the top of the Premier League.

However, after Maddison and Van der Pen left due to injury, their performance declined and they failed to win a single game in 5 games, recording 1 draw and 4 losses. 

Afterwards, they won both of the two-game series between Newcastle United and Nottingham Forest, ending their winless streak and starting to rise again.

As of the 17th round, Tottenham is currently in 5th place in the league with 33 points (10 wins, 3 draws, 4 losses). As the winless streak became longer

the gap with the teams competing for the lead widened, but it was expected that the point gap could be narrowed if the injured player returns and plays at his best again.

Maddison’s return is essential for Tottenham to rebound in the second half. 

Attention is expected to be focused on whether Maddison

who is scheduled to return to Tottenham’s training ground soon

will be able to lead Tottenham’s competition for the top spot by fully returning from his ankle injury and showing his performance before he was out of action.

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