I Want to Challenge Myself to Score 5,000 Points.

Will the men’s middle blocker ‘Living Legend’ KEPCO Shin Young-seok’s uniform number be raised to number 30? 

Shin Young-seok strengthened his determination to challenge 5,000 points by continuing his active career until 2030.

On December 21, KEPCO played an away game against OK Financial Group in the third round of the V-League at Ansan Sangnoksu Indoor Gymnasium and won with a set score of 3 to 0 (25-21, 25-19, 25-15).  바카라사이트닷컴

KEPCO, which escaped a two-game losing streak with this win, maintained 4th place in the league with 9 wins and 8 losses (27 points) for the season. 

On the other hand, OK Financial Group fell into a 5-game losing streak and remained in 5th place with 8 wins and 9 losses (22 points) for the season.

On this day, KEPCO overwhelmed its opponent with Thais (17 points), Seo Jae-deok (12 points), Lim Seong-jin (10 points), Shin Young-seok (8 points), and Jo Geun-ho (6 points) all showing off their scoring power.

 In particular, the overwhelming performance of 13 to 1 in blocking along with various attack routes stood out.

Shin Young-seok, who was selected as the Distinguished Player on this day, met with reporters after the game and said, “I was worried a lot about the recent losing streak because of painful memories from last season. 

I focused more because I had to catch up with the leaders due to the results of today’s game. 

Thankfully, we were able to escape the losing streak thanks to the luck of the opposing main players being replaced in the middle,” he said, expressing his feelings about the victory.

Shin Young-seok surpassed 4,000 points in his personal career on this day, becoming the first men’s middle blocker to surpass 4,000 points.

Shin Young-seok said, “I achieved a new middle blocker scoring record, and now that I feel like he is close to retirement, I want to set as many records as possible.

I want to score 5000 points, so I will try to get there. “I’m not far from reaching 1,200 blocks (currently at 1,191 blocks)

but I will try to achieve a higher number than Yang Hyo-jin in the women’s division, who set the first 1,500 blocks record,” he said with a smile.

Shin Young-seok is wearing uniform number ‘23’ in the 2023-24 season. 

Shin Young-seok, who changes his uniform number to the number of the year every year

said he wants to wear his uniform number up to ’30’. In other words, he wanted to continue his active duty until 2030.

Shin Young-seok said, “My goal is to wear uniform number 30 (laughter). 

The director tells me to take good care of my body, so he tells me to do it up to 45 times.

Don’t we hear about the ‘aging curve’ every year? Those words seem to stimulate me more and keep me from getting tired. 

I have to continue to prove my worth, so I want to set more records in the future,” he said emphatically.

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