Its Japan’s 4-Time Champion Ace Original Team Orix

As Japan’s best ace Yoshinobu Yamamoto (25) signed an astronomical contract with the LA Dodgers, the original team Orix Buffaloes also hit the jackpot.

American media EPSN reporter Jeff Passan said on the 22nd (Korean time), “Yoshinobu Yamamoto signed a 12-year contract worth $325 million (about 423 billion won) with the Dodgers.  온라인카지노사이트

He surpassed Gerrit Cole’s 9-year contract of $324 million (approximately 421.6 billion won)

the highest ever contract for a pitcher, by $1 million.” According to reports, the contract deposit is $50 million (approximately 65.1 billion won) and there are no delayed payments.

Yamamoto is the protagonist, with a total of 172 games (897 innings) in Japanese professional baseball, 70 wins, 29 losses, an ERA of 1.82, and 922 strikeouts.

Yamamoto recorded 16 wins, 6 losses, an ERA of 1.23, and 169 strikeouts in 23 games (164 innings) this year, becoming the first pitcher in Japanese professional baseball history to win four awards (multiple wins, ERA, strikeouts, and winning percentage) for three consecutive years, while also defeating Sawamura for three consecutive years.

Award and Pacific League MVP. Winning the Sawamura Award three years in a row is the second in history since Masaichi Kaneda (1956-1958), and the third in history to win the MVP for three consecutive years since Ichiro Suzuki (1994-1996). 

After the season ended, he announced his intention to advance to the major leagues through a posting.

As soon as Yamamoto entered the major league free agent market, he quickly emerged as the biggest pitcher. 

Many teams, including the Dodgers, Mets, Yankees, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Toronto, and Boston, entered the recruitment competition.

The team that won after fierce competition was the Dodgers.

The Dodgers signed Ohtani to a 10-year contract worth $700 million (approximately KRW 911.2 billion)

breaking Mike Trout’s 12-year contract of $426.5 million (approximately KRW 555.6 billion)

the record for the largest contract in major league history. He then signed a 12-year, $325 million contract with Yamamoto, breaking the record for the largest contract for a pitcher ever.

As Yamamoto signed a historic contract, his original team Orix also received an astronomical posting fee.

According to the U.S.-Japan Player Contract Agreement, a club that recruits a posted player from Japanese professional baseball must pay a posting fee of 20% of the total contract amount up to $25 million, 17.5% of the contract amount up to $50 million, and 15% of the remaining amount.

According to these provisions, the amount Orix receives from this Yamamoto contract amounts to $50.625 million (approximately KRW 65.9 billion).

This is the highest amount ever paid since the posting system was revised from the closed bidding method to the current method.

Orix lost 3 wins and 4 losses to local rival Hanshin this year, finishing in second place in the Japan Series.

However, immediately after the end of the Japan Series, they officially announced that they would allow Yamamoto’s posting and supported Yamamoto’s challenge to the major leagues. 

As a result, a huge amount of posting fee was returned in return.

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