Disabled Taegeuk Warriors Challenging their Limits

Disabled Taegeuk Warriors Challenging their Limits… Impressed Once again from Hangzhou

Boccia Jeong Ho-won and table tennis Joo Young-dae,

veterans at the forefront of the challenge for the summit.

Goalball is aimed at winning both men and women… Fencing Kwon Hyo-kyung is a dark horse.

Hangzhou, China is heating up again with the enthusiasm of Taegeuk warriors. 카지노사이트

Korean disabled national team players plan to continue the excitement of the Asian Games by participating in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Para Games, which opens on the 22nd.

Although their bodies are uncomfortable, the passion of disabled athletes is no different from that of non-disabled athletes.

The 208 disabled national team athletes participating in 21 sports are determined to pour out all the sweat they have shed over the past five years.

There are many heroes that attract attention.

Ho-won Jeong (Sports Class BC3) and Yejin Choi (Sports Class BC3),

who won the Boccia Pair (Dual Team) at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games and led Korean Boccia to its 9th consecutive gold medal,

are strong gold medal candidates in this competition.

The two will compete in the mixed pair and men’s and women’s individual events to hunt for medals.

In particular, Ho-won Jeong, the gold medalist in the individual event at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Paralympic Games and the world’s No. 1 player,

has consistently demonstrated his skills at international competitions every year,

including winning a gold medal in the individual event at the Boccia World Cup in Bahrain last year.

Soyoung Jeong (Sport Class BC2), who is competing in the women’s boccia individual event,

is also considered a candidate for the gold medal.

There are many candidates for gold medals in table tennis, which is a sport of great merit.

Expectations are high on Joo Young-dae, men’s singles gold medalist at the Tokyo Paralympic Games,

Nam Ki-won, winner of last year’s World Championships, and Rio Paralympic gold medalist Kim Jeong-gil.

Korean Para Table Tennis also won 9 gold medals, 8 silver medals, and 5 bronze medals at the 2018 Indonesian Games.

Kim Young-gun, gold medalist at the 2012 London Paralympic Games,

is attempting to win his third consecutive title.

Among new players, Kwon Hyo-kyung, the national wheelchair fencing representative, is attracting attention.

After becoming a member of the national team in 2019,

she is on a rapid rise to the point where she won the Women’s Epee Category Grade A at the Wheelchair Fencing World Cup last year by defeating Hungary’s Amarilla Verres,

the gold medalist at the Tokyo Paralympic Games.

He is showing off his world-class skills by winning the Busan World Cup again this year.

In the basic swimming event, Ki-seong Cho,

winner of three gold medals at the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games, aims to restore his honor.

Jo Ki-seong went through a slump after the Rio Games,

but overcame the slump and stood on top of the world again,

winning a gold medal in the 50m breaststroke at the World Championships last August.

In track and field, Jeong Jong-dae, ranked first in Asia this year,

is aiming for a gold medal in the 200m, and shot put ace Kwon Ga-young is aiming for a gold medal.

We expect a gold medal in the team event as well.

The men’s and women’s goalball teams will challenge for the championship together.

Goalball is a sport in which the visually impaired participate and uses hearing to hit a ball that makes a bell into the opponent’s goal.

The men’s national team won a bronze medal at the 2018 Indonesian Games and showed formidable skills by taking third place at last year’s Asia Pacific Championships.

The women’s national team is evaluated as having reached a world-class level,

taking second place at last year’s World Championships. 메이저사이트 백링크

The men’s and women’s goalball finals will be held on the 27th, the day before the closing date.

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