Pepper without Victory for 70 Days Mountain After Mountain

Pepper Savings Bank, ranked last in the professional volleyball women’s division, is on the verge of tying the record for the longest losing streak in the club’s history.

There is only one way to prevent dishonor. All we have to do is catch Hyundai Engineering & Construction in first place. 

Pepper will invite leader Hyundai Engineering & Construction home to the 4th round of the ‘Dodram 2023-2024 V-League’ held at Gwangju Pepper Stadium on the 19th.

Pepper, who first entered the V-League stage in the 21-22 season, ranked last in the league with 3 wins and 28 losses,

including 17 consecutive losses. In the 22-23 season, they suffered a bitter loss of 17 consecutive losses.  바카라사이트닷컴

The season record at that time was 5 wins and 31 losses. It was in last place for two consecutive seasons.

In order to get out of the bottom, Pepper actively prepared for the new season by recruiting a number of big names such as Park Jeong-ah (187cm) and Yasmin Bedartghani (registered name Yasmin, 196cm). However, even this season, their record is poor with 2 wins and 21 losses (7 points).

In particular, the last victory was at GS Caltex on November 10th last year, and there has been no victory for 70 days. ‘They lost all 16 games played during that time. If they lose against Hyundai Engineering & Construction, they will tie the record for the most consecutive losses in a season, 17.

To prevent this, the Hyundai Engineering & Construction battle must be won.

 However, this season Pepper showed a very weak performance against Hyundai Engineering & Construction. 

The two teams have met a total of three times this season. The result was Pepper’s defeat. 

The number of points won against Hyundai Engineering & Construction is 0, and the set brought is only 1 set.

Pepper’s biggest problem this season is, of course, ‘defense anxiety’. 

The number of successful defenses per set is 24.63, the lowest among the seven teams in the women’s division.

The biggest problem is receiving. This is because stable tosses cannot be made due to shaky reception, and the vicious cycle of ultimately lowering the attack success rate is repeated.

Pepper’s receiving efficiency figure is 28.21%. Among all the women’s teams, it is the only one with less than 30%. 

This is a very large difference compared to the 40.62% of the Korea Expressway Corporation, which ranked first in this record.

Due to unstable receiving, the set record is also low at 12.30 per set. This is also the lowest figure in the league. 

Of course, it cannot lead to a good attack. Even the attack success rate of 36.67% ranks last among the seven teams.

There is no point management at all. The last time they scored even 1 point was in the Korea Expressway Corporation match on December 22 last year. 

Since then, in the 4th round, they have not been able to score even a single point in 5 games.

 Even during the 16-game losing streak, Pepper only scored 2 points.

Moreover, Pepper has never won all three points in one game this season. 

As a result, not only did they have the lowest points across the V-League men’s and women’s divisions,

but they also became the only team that did not exceed 10 points. Even if you lose, if you keep playing until the full set, you can accumulate even the smallest points. 

However, Pepper is currently in a situation where even that is not possible.

Pepper, the lowest ranked person in need of a change of pace. 

Will they be able to show a performance different from what they have shown so far against Hyundai Engineering & Construction,

the ‘strongest team in the women’s division’?

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