Professional baseball SSG signs a 3-year, 600 million won multi-year contract with infielder Kim Seong-hyun

Seonghyun Kim signed a 3-year extension contract with SSG

Professional baseball SSG Landers signed a non-free agent (FA) multi-year contract with veteran infielder Kim Seong-hyun (36).

On the 20th, the SSG club announced that it had signed a three-year contract with Kim Seong-hyun for a total of 600 million won.All 600 million won is guaranteed without any additional options.

Seong-Hyun Kim obtained his first free agent qualification in 2021 and signed with SSG for a 2+1 year contract worth a total of 1.1 billion won.

Although he will re-qualify as a free agent after the end of this season, he signed an extension contract through agreement with the club, effectively showing his intention to finish his career as a player at SSG.

Kim Seong-hyun is a player with excellent hitting contact ability and high utilization of offense and defense, and is expected to be a support in the growth of infield prospects.

The SSG club explained, “We signed this contract with the expectation that he will serve as a bridge for the team as a senior player.”

Kim Seong-hyun, who joined SSG’s predecessor, SK Wyverns, in 2006, became the team’s starting shortstop in 2014.

Since then, he has maintained good performance by playing in more than 110 games every year and has contributed to stabilizing his power by playing in all infield positions.

His professional career records include a batting average of 0.271, 1,092 hits, 430 RBI, and 523 runs in 1,492 games over 16 seasons.

Kim Seong-hyun said, “I am grateful to the club for offering a multi-year contract first. I am happy to be able to continue my career as a player at SSG, where I have been with for a long time. As I look forward to playing the role of a veteran in the team, I will continue to strive to achieve good results with my juniors.” He expressed his feelings. 섯다

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