Rayo Vallecano Who Throws in is ‘Puffed’ with Butt Finger

Rayo Vallecano Who Throws in is ‘Puffed’ with his Butt Finger… Game Stoppage

Rayo Vallecano fan sticks finger in Sevilla Ocampos’ butt

During a Spanish professional soccer game,

an incident occurred where a fan stabbed the buttocks of a player preparing for a throw-in, causing sexual harassment,

leading to the game being temporarily halted.

During the 23rd round match of the 2023-2024 Spanish professional soccer Primera Liga

held at Estadio de Vallecas in Madrid, Spain on the 6th (Korean time),

a fan of Rayo Vallecano stabbed the buttocks of Sevilla striker Lucas Ocampos with his finger as he was preparing for a throw-in. 카지노

Rayo Vallecano

In the 33rd minute of the first half when Rayo Vallecano and Sevilla were tied 1-1,

when Ocampos stood outside the line holding the ball for a throw-in,

one of Rayo Vallecano’s fans sitting close to the ground pointed at Ocampos’ buttocks with his index finger outstretched.

I pressed the area firmly.

Surprised, Ocampos looked back, and immediately after hearing the damage,

the referee stopped the game for a moment.

According to the Associated Press, some fans of Rayo Vallecano looked on with laughter.

“I hope La Liga takes racism and taunting of players like this seriously,”

Ocampos told DAZN after the game.

“Not all Rayo Vallecano fans behave in bad manners,

but there are always one or two everywhere who do this.

“It causes,” he pointed out.

Sevilla Ocampos

Ocampos went on to express his awareness of the problem, saying,

“I hope something like this never happens again in the future,”

and “Imagine if something like this happens in a women’s soccer game.”

“I tried to stay calm,” he said.

“I don’t want my two daughters to experience something like this in the future,”

he said, emphasizing that “necessary follow-up measures must be taken.”

The Seville team also took a strong stance on the sexual harassment suffered by Ocampos.

The club said, “Rayo Vallecano and “We deeply regret the incident that occurred at the game,” he said,

condemning Ocampos, who said he was subjected to lewd and inappropriate behavior by a local fan.

He continued, “The club has conveyed its intention to La Liga that appropriate measures specified in the regulations

must be taken to prevent such behavior from being repeated on the soccer field,” and emphasized,

“Gestures and actions like this should not be allowed on the stadium.”

Sevilla won 2-1 against Rayo Vallecano in this match.

Sevilla (20 points) was 15th in the league, and Vallecano (24 points) was 13th.

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