The largest basketball festival in living sports, the 2024 National Sports Basketball Grand Prix Jecheonseo, opens!

Jecheon 2024 National Basketball Festival, the largest basketball festival in the country, has begun.

The Korea Basketball Association (Chairman Kwon Hyuk-woon) will hold the Jecheon 2024 National Basketball Championships in the natural healing city of Jecheon, Chungcheongbuk-do, for four days from February 1 (Thursday) to 4 (Sunday).

The National Sports Basketball Tournament, which began in 2017 with 81 teams, has grown into a mammoth competition with more than 150 teams participating seven years later, and is recognized as a “wannabe competition” that sports basketball teams want to participate in unconditionally. The first through sixth editions were held in Hongcheon, Gangwon Province, and the seventh edition was held in Jecheon last year.

Now in its eighth year, the National Sports Basketball Championship by Category is held for the purpose of discovering youth prospects and revitalizing sports basketball and youth basketball in each region, with a total of 113 teams and 1,500 athletes participating in 16 categories of men’s and women’s sports, from the lowest grades of elementary school to the women’s club division. The tournament, which is held as the largest living sports competition in Korea, aims to register the association of living sports basketball clubs and youth basketball classes in the future.

The association, which is hosting the tournament for the eighth time, said, “We have established the tournament as a feast for daily sports basketball players and youth basketball dreamers by running it regularly. We hope to make the tournament not only a competition but also a place for fun and exchange between teams by holding various events and programs,” he said, expressing his hope that the tournament will lay the foundation for the expansion of the sport in Korea.

It’s the kind of impact you’d expect from Korea’s premier recreational basketball tournament. As Korea’s premier sports basketball tournament, the association has made various attempts, such as providing all participating teams with gift certificates that can be used as cash in the local area every year. It seems that these efforts have given a lot of confidence to the basketball players, and the tournament has now become a ‘must-attend’ event.

This year, the association will also provide all participating teams with a gift certificate worth 100,000 won, which can be used like cash in Jecheon-si, and will prepare various prizes to delight the players who participate in the tournament.

The prize money is also maximized. For club 3 and club 4, the winning team will receive 700,000 won, and the women’s club will receive 300,000 won.

Jecheon 2024, a natural healing city that continues to make various attempts to raise the quality of living sports basketball competitions amid great interest, will be held at four venues other than the Jecheon Eulim Sports Center for four days from February 1 to 4, and will be sponsored and sponsored by Jecheon City, Jecheon City Council, IS Dongseo, KB Bank, Prospex, Molten Korea, Wise by Om, etc.

All matches will be broadcast live on YouTube, and major news and photos related to the tournament can be found on Jumpball.


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