‘No Re-Signing?’ Paul George, Philadelphia Targets

Paul George’s future is in doubt.

According to Keith Pompei, a local reporter in the United States, “There is a feeling that the LA Clippers will not offer Paul George the contract he wants. The Philadelphia 76ers are watching closely.”

George is a free agent after this season. Being a Los Angeles native and playing for his hometown team, he was expected to re-sign.

The only stumbling block is the Clippers’ salary situation. The Clippers recently signed Kawhi Leonard to a three-year, $153 million max contract. Like George, Leonard was set to become a free agent after this season. The Clippers were in a hurry to hold onto him.

However, the news of George signing an extension has been muted. Of course, there were rumors. Shortly after signing Leonard to an extension, George was rumored to be in talks as well.

In an interview after Leonard announced his extension with the Clippers, George said, “I’m going to sign an extension too. Leonard and I have a really good relationship,” he said, hinting that he wanted an extension with the Clippers.

The problem is the Clippers’ position. By signing Leonard to an extension, the Clippers will not only have George, but also James Harden and Russell Westbrook as free agents at the end of this season, meaning all three of their bigs will be free agents except for Leonard.

Even though the Clippers have the full support of owner Steve Ballmer, the NBA salary cap rules limit how much they can offer. Unless the players voluntarily take a pay cut, it seems unlikely that the Clippers will be able to re-sign all three players.

Of Harden, George, and Westbrook, George is arguably the most valuable. George is still going strong, averaging 22.5 points and 5.3 rebounds per game this season. The encouraging part is the injuries. After struggling with injuries since joining the Clippers, George has proven to be healthy enough to only miss six games this season.

If he were to hit the free agent market, George would be one of the most sought-after players. Especially since Philadelphia has salary cap space for free agency after this season.

Joel Embiid and Paul Reed are the only players left under contract after this season. Philadelphia has enough salary cap space to sign two big free 바카라사이트 agents at the same time, depending on the situation.

The problem is selling. Philadelphia was rumored to be targeting Pascal Siakam and OG Anunoby, but both players found new homes via trade, making it likely that they will stay put.

With Philadelphia desperate to find a complement to Embiid, they could be open to any offer if George hits free agency.

George is expected to want to stay with the Clippers, his hometown team and a championship team. It will be interesting to see if the Clippers offer him a Leonard-like deal to stay, or if they decide to let him go in free agency.


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