Hanwha Eagles rookie Hwang Jun-seo left-handed folk bowler

“I’ve never seen a scene like this before” The ball is torn…A 19-year-old rookie’s harness appears as a rare “left-hand folk bowler.”

The moment the baseball was hit by the bat, it was torn.
It was also the first time I saw “Legend” commentator Jung Min-chul, who won 161 games in his career.

The ball of Hwang Joon-seo (19, Hanwha Eagles), the No. 1 top-rated rookie, was a moment that showed something special.
The professional baseball KIA-Hanwha match held at Hanwha Life Eagles Park in Daejeon on the 14th.

Hwang Joon-seo, who came up in the top of the sixth inning, caught a two-out and dropped his fifth fork ball to the outside low against Kim Tae-gun.
The ball hit by Kim Tae-gun’s bat rolled to the side of the pitcher, and Hwang Joon-seo calmly caught it and threw it to first base, ending the inning with a groundout.

Kim Tae-gun, who lost his timing to Hwang Joon-seo’s fork ball, hit the ball with the tip of the bat with his back out.
At that moment, the skin on the surface of the baseball was peeled off and rotated on MBC’s broadcast screen.

After the inning, first-base umpire Park Ki-taek looked at the torn ball, and Kim Tae-gun also entered the dugout looking curiously for a while.
Commentator Jung Min-chul, who was broadcasting, said, “I think I’ve never seen a scene like this before.”

Although there was an unusual collision when it was hit by the end of the bat, it is not common for a baseball to be torn like this.
The ball attracted more attention because it was Hwang Joon-seo’s main weapon, folk ball.

Hwang threw a total of 14 pitches on the day, with a maximum of 147 kilometers and an average of 145 kilometers fastball (five) and a 112 kilometers slow curve, but fork balls accounted for the most with eight.
Usually, folk balls are often used as winning shots, but Hwang Jun-seo actively uses them even when setting a count from the first pitch.

Both left and right hitters know how to put fork balls in the zone. After setting a count with a fork ball, he uses a fastball as a winning shot, showing a different repertoire from ordinary pitchers.
KIA also caught Choi Won-joon on a two strike with a fork ball and threw a low fastball outside the decisive ball to strike out swinging.

Hwang Jun-seo’s forkball is the highest among left-handed pitchers in the league

Hwang Jun-seo says the ball is a “splitter,” but various tracking systems such as club trackmen and KBO official PTS classify it as a forkball.
This is because the speed of restraint and rotation is slower than that of the splitter, but the fall is large.

Left-handed folk bowlers are very rare, and Andy Vanhecken, the Heroes’ all-time foreign pitcher, was a representative pitcher in the KBO League.
Retired left-handed pitchers Cha Woo-chan and Koo Chang-mo (Sangju) used them well as their main weapons.

Hwang Joon-seo has been using this ball since high school, which most left-handed pitchers do not throw well, and was evaluated as a special prospect.
Folkball is a difficult ball to control, but Hwang Jun-seo is amazing in that he can command by putting it in and taking it out wherever he wants.

In terms of PTS, Hwang Joon-seo’s forkball is the highest in the league with 62.1 centimeters of left and right release points, and the RPM per minute (RPM) is also high enough to rank third with 1728.1.
The left and right movements are 25.1 centimeters, and the movement to bend to the outside of the right-handed batter and toward the body of the left-handed batter is also the largest.

This season, Hwang uses fastballs (51.7 percent), forkballs (42.1 percent), and curves (6.2 percent).
In fact, he throws it with a fastball-forkball two-pitch, but even the same forkball does not give a monotonous feeling as he uses the entire strike zone widely.

Since he has a clear weapon to deal with right-handed hitters, he was immediately evaluated as full strength from the time of his nomination, and Hwang Joon-seo’s value of folk ball pitching is the highest among left-handed pitchers in the league.

Hwang Jun-seo will start against Daejeon Samsung on April 19, 2024

Hwang Joon-seo, who made his debut splendidly with a starting win (three hits, one homer, two strikeouts and one run in five strikeouts) against KT in Daejeon on the 31st of last month, which was his debut in the first division, has since gone four games and five ⅔ in relief.
토토사이트 overall performance in the season was one win in five games and an ERA of 0.84. He struck out 12 in 10 ⅔ innings, giving only four walks.

With his soft pitching form and stable control, he was evaluated as a highly completed pitcher unlike a 19-year-old rookie, and he is rapidly adapting to the professional stage.
Hanwha manager Choi Won-ho is also recognized for his extraordinary strength, saying, “Bae-jjang is much better than most existing players.”

He doesn’t get too nervous, and his pitching tempo is fast and concise.
Hanwha will inevitably leave the rotation for the time being as Kim Min-woo, who was replaced after four pitches in the match against KIA in Daejeon on the 13th, was diagnosed with a sprained elbow flexor muscle.

If it had been before, it would have been an emergency, but there was a clear alternative selection card called Hwang Joon-seo, which relieved the worries.
Hwang Joon-seo will take the position of Kim Min-woo and start against Samsung in Daejeon on the 19th.

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