Ignore SON + side with the Tottenham curse. “Mickey van de Ven, one of the best center backs in the world”

Arsenal legend and pundit Paul Merson has hailed Tottenham center back Mickey van der Penn as the best center back in the league.

‘Paul Merson has called Tottenham center-back Mickey van der Vaart one of the best center-backs in the world,’ said a report on Friday (ET), adding, ‘Arsenal legend Paul Merson has his own assessment of Spurs and hasn’t been afraid to express it during his punditry career on Sky Sports.

‘Ahead of the North London derby between Tottenham and Arsenal, Paul Merson has heaped special praise on Tottenham’s van der Penne.

‘I’ve been thinking about Tottenham this season. I think they’ve been outstanding, I’ve enjoyed watching them play, the way they play is great, they’ve got a lot of good players. Van de Ven is an outstanding player, one of the best center backs in the country and, without a doubt, one of the best players in the world.”

The Football Transfer Tavern also wrote a slightly sarcastic article about Paul Merson. ‘For Tottenham to earn Paul Merson’s praise, they need a top player, and Van de Ven is that player. He is a defender with a unique combination of height, skill, strength and, most importantly, pace. He had a tough game against Newcastle last time out, but he is still a top player who can stop any striker.

In the past, it was Merson who made the most inaccurate predictions.

His prediction was more of a ‘curse’. He ignored the presence of Son Heung-min and underestimated James Maddison.

When asked on a TV soccer talk show before the season to predict the season’s performance, he said: ‘Even if Harry Kane stays, Tottenham will not finish in the 카지노 big four. Without him, they’ll finish in the bottom half of the table.

This was at a time when Kane’s move to Bayern Munich was being speculated about.

When the other panelists argued against the presence of Tottenham’s Son Heung-min and Maddison, Merson said: ‘Maddison didn’t prevent Leicester City from relegation last season.

He didn’t even mention Son, whose resurgence was crucial after a poor season last year.

However, Tottenham were unbeaten in their first 10 games of the season. Son was thriving as a left winger and center striker, and manager Enze Postecoglou’s attacking football was shining.

Merson quickly retracted his comments. “I underestimated Tottenham,” he said, amending his assessment of the asset.


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