Kiwoom’s ‘Post Lee Jeong-hoo’ is Kim Hye-sung Ranked first in five team batting categories

With 7 home runs in 24 games this year, he has already tied the record for most home runs in a season.

Kiwoom Kim Hye-seong

After Lee Jeong-hoo (25, San Francisco Giants) left, Kiwoom Heroes’ undisputed best hitter is Kim Hye-seong (25).

Jeong-hoo Lee and Hye-seong Kim, who joined Kiwoom in 2017, will rank first on the team in five batting categories in the 2024 season.

He ranks first in batting average (0.330), RBI (23), home runs (7, tied for first), stolen bases (7), and slugging percentage (0.600).

Although it is not an official KBO title, OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage, 0.991) and scoring average (0.524) are also first among batters who filled the required at-bats.

Lee Jeong-hoo, who left for the United States, is playing a role as a problem solver in the third batting order, which he held until last season. 메이저사이트

It is noteworthy that Kim Hye-seong, who was a ‘second baseman with quick feet and good defense,’ also had long hits.

In the game against the Busan Lotte Giants on the 30th of last month, Kim Hye-seong hit her 6th 3-run home run of the season against Lotte starter Lee In-bok in the 1st inning, and then hit her 7th 1-run home run of the season against Koo Seung-min in the 8th inning.

This is Kim Hye-seong’s second multi-home run this season (more than two home runs in one game), as she hit two home runs against the Gocheok Hanwha Eagles on the 7th of last month.

Kim Hye-seong demonstrated the so-called ‘pushing’ technique, which is the exclusive specialty of a slugger.

Kim Hye-seong was a player whose value was revealed through accurate hitting rather than slugging ability.

He showed his potential by hitting five home runs in 2018, his second year as a professional, but in 2019, he failed to hit a single home run even after appearing in 122 games.

Kim Hye-seong, who had the most home runs in a single season with 7, hit 7 home runs in just 24 games this season.

After this season, he expressed his intention to challenge MLB like his classmate Lee Jeong-hoo, and worked hard to strengthen his slugging ability.

One of the reasons why experts classified Kiwoom as weak ahead of the season is the batting lineup, where the absence of Lee Jeong-hoo will be desperately felt.

Kiwoom’s batting line is holding on thanks to Kim Hye-seong maintaining his position as the third hitter despite injuries to key players.

In addition, if ‘Lee Jeong-hoo’s successor’ Lee Joo-hyung returns to the lineup this month, scoring paths can be diversified. 안전 슬롯사이트

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