KBO selects two new referees and assigns them to the second team “To prevent fairness from collapsing”

‘Manpower shortage’ due to existing referees’ string of disciplinary action Group 2 operates a 2-3 trial system.

Referees reviewing video

The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO), which was suffering from a shortage of umpires, hired two new umpires.

A KBO official said on the 17th, “Two referees who achieved excellent results in referee school were officially appointed early this month and assigned to the Futures League.”

This year’s professional baseball suffered from a shortage of umpires due to stringent disciplinary action by existing umpires. 안전놀이터

Last month, referee Lee Min-ho took off his clothes due to controversy over the cover-up of a mistrial that occurred in the NC Dinos-Samsung Lions game in the KBO League, and referees Seung-hoon Moon and Pyeong-ho Choo were suspended for three months.

On the 10th of last month, four referees were eliminated as referee Won Hyun-sik was suspended for one year for drunk driving.

The KBO made up for the lack of first-team referees from the second-team, and the Futures League suffered from a serious referee shortage problem. 슬롯사이트

This year’s Futures League became a bigger problem as as many as six games were held in one day with the participation of Japan’s Softbank Hawks third-team squad.

The Futures League was played with a three-trial system, or even a two-trial system.

There were voices of criticism on the field that the KBO was neglecting referee personnel management.

Accordingly, the KBO quickly selected new referees to restore the quality and fairness of the league and improve the working environment of existing referees.

A KBO official said, “We will continue to make efforts to ensure that the fairness of the KBO league does not collapse.” 토토사이트 추천

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