Koo Bon-gil and Oh Sang-wook Secure Medals

[Asian Games] Koo Bon-gil and Oh Sang-wook Secure Medals in Men’s Fencing Saber Individual Event

Koo Bon-gil (Korea Sports Promotion Foundation),

who is aiming for his fourth consecutive win in the men’s saber fencing fencing at the Asian Games,

Oh Sang-wook (Daejeon Metropolitan City Hall),

the silver medalist at the previous competition,

secured medals at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games.

Gu Bon-gil

As Koo Bon-gil entered the semifinals with a 15-14 win over Shenzhenpeng (China) in the men’s saber individual quarterfinals of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games held at the Hangzhou University of Electronics Gymnasium in China on the 25th.

Koo Bon-gil is attempting to win the men’s saber individual event for the fourth time in a row,

following the 2010 Guangzhou, 2014 Incheon, and 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games. 카지노

He holds five Asian Games gold medals, including two in the team competition,

if he wins both the individual and team competitions in this competition,

he will become Korea’s gold medalist with the most gold medals (seven) at the Summer Asian Games.

Gu Bon-gil, who defeated Nazarbai Satarkhan (Kazakhstan) 15-6 in the round of 16 on this day,

came from behind to win after an unexpected struggle in the quarter-finals when he met Shenzhenpeng of the host country, China.

After the tide went down in the middle,

they were pushed to 10-14 and were on the verge of elimination,

but Koo Bon-gil scored 5 points in a row from then on,

pulling off an unbelievable comeback to win.


Koo Bon-gil, after the quarterfinals, said, “I was mentally shaken when I gave up points in a move I thought was certain.

I felt like I was falling behind in the second half,

but I held on with the thought of not giving up until the end and just making it 14-14.”

He breathed a sigh of relief, saying, “I knew there would be a difficult time.

I thought I almost lost, but I think I turned the situation around with just the determination not to give up.”

Oh Sang-wook, who won the silver medal by losing by one point in the final against Koo Bon-gil in the individual competition at the last Jakarta Asian Games,

also easily advanced to the semifinals.

Sangwook Oh defeated Adel Almutairi (Saudi Arabia)

15-6 in the round of 16 and Musa Aymuratov (Uzbekistan) 15-11 in the quarterfinals.

The semifinals will be held from 7 PM on this day, Korean time,

Koo Bon-gil will clash with Yousif Al-Shamlan (Kuwait)

Oh Sang-wook will clash with Mohammad Rahbari (Iran).

The finals are scheduled to be held at 8:50 p.m.

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