Taekwondo Kang Mir, Eliminated in the Round of 16 of Sparring

[Asian Games] Taekwondo Kang Mir, Eliminated in the Round of 16 of Sparring

15cm Height Difference is a Classic

Women’s 49kg class round of 16 round score 0-2… “I am lacking a lot.”

Mir Kang

Unfortunately, Mir Kang (Yeongcheon County Office),

a promising medalist in Taekwondo sparring at the Hangzhou Asian Games, withdrew in the round of 16.

Mir Kang was eliminated by Saudi Arabia’s Dunya Ali Abutaleb with a round score of 2-0 (7-5 ​​13-6) in the women’s 49kg round of 16 at the competition held at the Lin’an Sports and Culture Exhibition Center in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China on the 25th.

Throughout the game, Kang Mir struggled against the attacks of Abutaleb, who was tall (176cm).

Kang Mir, who is 15cm shorter, narrowed the distance to his opponent from the beginning of the game and then actively attempted a close fight. 바카라사이트

Despite his height difference, he successfully attacked the head and won 3 points,

but eventually lost the first round and was dragged around in the second round, unable to take the lead.

Attack Canceled

The opponent’s head attack was canceled after video review and the score was corrected to 5-6,

it seemed like Kang Mir had a chance to turn the tables, but Abutaleb,

who actively utilized his physique advantage,

accumulated points until the last minute and solidified the victory.

Kang Mir could not hide his tears as he met with reporters in the common reporting area after the game.

Mir Kang said, “I analyzed it a lot, but compared to all the effort I put in,

I missed a lot of timing (to attack),” and added,

“It was very difficult because (the opponent’s) legs were longer than I thought.”

“Still, I lost because I wasn’t good enough,” he said.

He continued, “I should have strengthened my spirit a little more.

“There are many cases where I am not able to perform well because I am lacking in that area rather than in terms of skill,” he said.

“I need to make up for that.”

“Next time, I will stay alert and do my best,” he added.

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