Its ATM Fans Another Controversy Over Racism Towards Vinicius

Racial discrimination has once again surfaced.

British media ‘Tribuna’ quoted a report by ‘The Athletic’ on the 19th (Korean time) and said, “Atletico Madrid fans chanted racist slogans against Vinicius outside the stadium just before the Madrid derby.”

Atletico Madrid defeated Real Madrid 4-2 after a fierce overtime battle in the round of 16 of the 2023-24 Spanish Copa del Rey held at the Wanda Metropolitano in Madrid, Spain, on the 19th.

Atlético Madrid took the lead with Samuel Lino’s first goal in the 39th minute of the first half. However, in extra time in the first half,

Jan Oblak scored an own goal and the game returned to square one. Alvaro Morata scored the go-ahead goal again in the 12th minute of the second half, 먹튀검증사이트

but Joselu scored the equalizer in the 37th minute of the second half, sending the game between the two teams into overtime.

Atletico Madrid decided the winner here. Antoine Griezmann scored the winning goal in the 10th minute of extra time, and Rodrigo Riquelme scored the winning goal in the 14th minute of extra time, confirming the team’s advancement to the quarterfinals.

However, before the joy of winning the Madrid derby could subside, Atletico Madrid was on the chopping block due to controversy over racial discrimination. 

Prior to the game, Atletico Madrid fans collectively chanted racist slogans outside the stadium, including “Vinicius, you are a monkey.”

Recently, the Spanish soccer world has been suffering from racial discrimination. In particular, the racism towards Real Madrid’s ace Vinicius is particularly severe.

Atletico Madrid fans already caused controversy in January last year for their racism by hanging a Vinicius doll from a leg. Spanish prosecutors sought four years in prison for the fans. 

Then, in May, a group of Valencia home fans shouted racist slogans at Vinicius during a game. 

This made Vinicius angry, and the La Liga secretariat imposed severe punishment on Valencia.

Although Spain is trying to eliminate racial discrimination, racial discrimination continues to this day.

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