Its Kim Seong-dong in Response to Han Dong-hoon’s Nomination

People Power Party Mapo-eul Party Council Chairman Kim Seong-dong said on the 19th that Emergency Response Committee Chairman

Han Dong-hoon recently announced at the Seoul Metropolitan Party’s New Year’s greetings that emergency committee member Kim Gyeong-yul would run for Mapo-eul

saying, “(Other party council chairmen) “Of course there will be concerns that the region may become the next Mapo-eul,” he said.

Chairman Kim responded to the question, “Is Kim Jong-bae’s run for Mapo-eul a deviation from the system nomination system?” on Radio Kim Jong-bae’s Focus on Radio this morning, Chairman Kim said, “I think so.” 카지노사이트랭크

He continued, “The nomination management committee will probably be embarrassed,” he said, adding

“I told you all the rules the day before, and announced it as if it was confirmed the next day. Now, if people who heard it say they heard it wrong, it’s incoherent.”

When the host said, ‘You must have interacted with the chairman of the party council about the nomination process and procedures,’ Chairman Kim said, “I have concerns about everything.”

He further added, “I may become the next Kim Seong-dong. Our region may become the second Mapo-eul.

Also, the words that we hear all the time are starting now. Of course, we will have these worries.”

Some say that the President’s Office was concerned about Chairman Han’s remarks about Kim’s candidacy for Mapo-eul.

It is reported that the party council chairs directly complained to the President’s Office.

In response, Chairman Kim said, “If that is the case, I feel at least a little fortunate.”

He added, “Many committee chairs and quite a few former lawmakers, seniors, and colleagues have offered a lot of encouragement and consolation.

However, I have no way of knowing the relationship with the President’s Office.” He said.

When asked, “Is Chairman Han leading the way?” he said, “We’ll have to wait and see,” but added, “It’s because our greed and goals are too advanced.

The more urgent it is, the more we have to go right away. This is especially true in politics. This is true in elections.”

Regarding the case where emergency committee member Kim’s strategic nomination becomes a reality

he said, “A fair process in which people can accept must be guaranteed,” and “I will not leave the party.

It may be presumptuous, but I have more affection for the conservative party than the emergency committee chairman, and the time I spent trying to set it right is “It will be much longer.”

In response to a question asking, ‘Has there been any contact from Chairman Han or Committee Member Kim since the controversy arose?

he answered, “As of now, there has been no contact at all.”

He said, “(Mapo-eul) is a so-called rough place.

Some people say it is a dangerous place,” and “It is the efforts of people who have tried to achieve something by holding presidential elections

general elections, and local elections while sweating and sometimes shedding tears in this difficult place.

I feel like I can ignore it like this,” he said.

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