Runner-up Shin Ji-ae, reversal of world ranking due to non-participating player?

Participation in competitions with low ranking points, loss of points due to increased number of games played

Ji-ae Shin took second place in the Big Open of the Women’s Professional Golf Australia (WPGA) Tour, which ended on the 4th. However, in the World Women’s Golf Ranking (WWGR), which was announced two days later on the 6th, she was ranked 16th, one place lower than a week ago. Yang Hee-young, who did not even compete in the competition, moved up one place from 16th to 15th. Why did this happen?

This is because of the ranking method. WWGR’s rankings reflect the performance over the past two years in 12 major tours around the world, including the American Women’s Professional Golf Association (LPGA), the European Women’s Professional Golf Association (LET), the Korean Women’s Professional Golf Association (KLPGA), and the Japanese Women’s Professional Golf Association (JLPGA). decide Rather than simply adding up the ranking points earned according to the performance of each competition, the ranking is determined by dividing the accumulated points by the number of competitions participated.

The ranking points awarded for each competition are also different. The winner receives as few as 2 points and as many as 100 points depending on the level of the competition. The Big Open, in which Shin Ji-ae finished as runner-up, is a competition that awards the winner 5 of her ranking points. If she takes second place she gets 3 points. Among the Big Open participants, there was not a single player in the top 10 of the world rankings. The ranking points earned by the winner of the LPGA Tour Drive On Championship, which ended on the 29th of last month, is 50 points, 10 times that of the Big Open. Five players in the top 10, including world number one Lilia Bu (USA), participated in the Drive On Championship. Even though Shin Ji-ae tied for third place at the ISPS Handa Australian Women’s Open on the WPGA Tour in December last year, she accumulated 5.95 ranking points.

Shin Ji-ae earned 3 ranking points by finishing runner-up in the Big Open, but the number of competitions she participated in over the past two years also increased from 54 to 55. Accordingly, her ranking points dropped from 3.96 last week to 3.88 this week. Yang Hee-young, who did not compete in the Big Open, saw her points increase from 3.92 to 3.98 as her number of events decreased from 41 to 40.

WWGR, which reflects competition results over the past two years, is divided into 13-week sections and is designed so that the longer the competition, the less points are reflected. This means that for a competition of the same level, the winning points from one month ago are reflected more than the winning points from one year and six months ago. 섯다

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