Jeju Dream Tower’s February Casino Net Sales of 23.9 Billion… Highest Ever

Jeju Dream Tower Casino continues its high-performance march this year, breaking its record sales every month.

Lotte Tourism Development announced on the 4th that it has realized an earnings surprise of 23.941 billion won in net sales (excluding agent fees from total sales) at the casino division (Dream Tower Casino) of Dream Tower Complex Resort in Jeju in February, when the number of business days was short during the winter off-season. It also reached an all-time high of 28.437 billion won based on total sales submitted to the Casino Association.

The figure surpassed this year’s best record (안전놀이터) in a month, up 538.3 percent from 3.751 billion won in the same period last year. It is also the first time that the company has posted sales of 20 billion won for two consecutive months since its opening in June 2021.

Lotte Tourism Development said, “While sales of Japanese, Taiwanese and Southeast Asian customers are also increasing significantly this year, a large number of Chinese customers visited in February during the Chinese New Year, the largest holiday in China (February 10-17).”

In this regard, as Japan’s direct flights, which are currently tied to Osaka-Jeju routes, will be expanded to Tokyo-Jeju routes (7 times a week by T’way Airlines), it is expected to be of great help in attracting Japanese VIP customers who only visited casinos in Seoul and Incheon.

In preparation for this, Lotte Tourism Development is currently preparing to open a Tokyo office in addition to the Osaka marketing office.

The Jeju tourism industry expects Jeju direct flights, which currently stand at 137 flights a week, to quickly normalize to 200 flights a week starting in April, when they are completely out of the off-season in winter.

In this regard, on the 27th of last month, Sangsang Certification Authority presented a target price of 10,000 won, predicting that Lotte Tourism Development, which was designated as a coverage item for the first time, will make a profit of 92.5 billion won on sales of 505.6 billion won this year.

Lee Joon-ho, a researcher, stressed, “In the case of Lotte Tourism Development, Grand Hyatt Jeju (hotel)’s performance is expected to achieve good results along with the increase in casino customers.”

Last month, the hotel division (Grand Hyatt Jeju) posted 9.04 billion won in sales (separately), up 9.5 percent from 8.253 billion won in January.

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